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The Nighthold, January 21st and 22nd, 6:30 PM MST both days

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In the months since our failure at the Broken Shore, we have journeyed around the world and the Broken isles seeking a solution. The PIllars of Eternity, suggested to us by King Magni speaking for Azeroth herself, are said to be our salvation, but one still eludes our grasp. There's only one place left to look, and that is the Nighthold of Suramar itself. From this magical fortress, High Arcanist Ellisande has been ruling her people with an iron fist, selling out both them and all of us to the Legion to save her and a chosen few.

Identity Crisis, Part One

Llane Venner had just been going through the motions for weeks now. He woke up, ate breakfast with his family, and used his hearthstone to travel to Dalaran. He’d make a brief stop at the Dalaran Diviner’s office before running all over the city, and sometimes further afield, in order to gather information for a variety of stories. Such was the life of a journalist.

An unfinished treatise on troll sweat - part 1

Much like trolls themselves, the history of troll sweat is shrouded in mystery, fragmented due to the large number of tribes.  Yet, despite its mystery, troll sweat is one of the most commonly accepted forms of currency.  You would be hard pressed to find a vendor that would refuse the guaranteed sum of 71 copper pieces for a bottle liquid mystery.  Without the understanding, commonly unanswered questions have led to a great deal of misinformation in regards to troll sweat.  It is the duty of this paper to delve into the troll sweat mysteries.


The Nightmare, Saturday November 12th, 6:30 PM Mountain time

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We've given a pile of whuppings out, and I would like to continue that. However, due to a rare occasion of Nicholai being able to run a game for the Carrion Crown team, I and a few other folks will not be available Sunday. As such, we have a few options:

A: Raid saturday, whup farm bosses for loot. Potentially do Nythendra during the week to get her out of the way. No raid Sunday. Maybe some karazhan attuning/runs?

All Hallow's Raid, Weekend October 29/30th, 6:30 PM MDT

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As Halloween approaches, so does the Nightmare's fall! Last week we downed BOTH Elerethe Renferel and the Dragons of Nightmare, and I'd love to build on that success! However, I will personally be unavailable the Sunday night so I can help with the final haunted house run by Nich's family, so I will need a leader to take the stage for night 2.