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Martingale - The Gambler

It would be unfair to say that Gadgetzan was immune to tragedy.  When the legion invaded Westfall or Kharanos, there were a lot of buildings smashed and a lot of loved ones to say prayers for.  In Gadgetzan, the first invaders were unceremoniously beaten to a pulp and their pouches were rifled through for valuables.  Demons raining from the sky can cause a lot of destruction, but so could Noggenfogger - and he was a mean drunk.


[Nythriia] Origins, Some Backstory

Just some backstory I've been writing for my Dher Nythriia because I found it interesting to put down on paper instead of just mulling over it in my head. Current three parts I have written so far.


Part 1- Arrival

Ten Thousand Years Ago

Zin-Azshari the jewel of the Night Elven Empire, no other city was as great as Azshari was. A great part of its greatness lay in it being the seat of beloved Queen Azshara. Her beauty and grace were enough to make anyone stare longingly upon her. Not many had such an opportunity for the Queen resided within her magnificent palace most of the time.

Before the Storm

Stormwind Harbor buzzes with activity. Soldiers from across the Alliance enjoy a last one final a pre-battle meal, blow off steam in the sparring arena, or simply try to get some rest before shipping out to assault the Burning Legion forces on the Broken Isles.


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The Broken Shore had been an unmitigated disaster. Mason was no stranger to the horrors of war, but had never before been so completely on the front lines. How many had been killed outside the Tomb? How many left behind? There was no way to know for sure. Too many, though. He had almost been among them.

End of the Story

It was hard to fight her logic, that there was no point in running. The world had one shot against the Legion, and that shot had failed. Calling the retreat had been the right call, she couldn’t damn her friends, the people she was counting on, to a horrible death after such a massive defeat, but… she knew they, and everyone, were delaying the inevitable, if they could even get to the rendezvous point on the beach. Oddly enough, the demonic forces that had been lapping at their heels before had paused for a regroup….

Short Character introductions

As an indulgence ,I thought to make a brief list and description of the characters I will play in Legion , for RP and all content :


RP Character briefing.  Shadow Council Player since 2005


To date 5 Alliance Level 100 Characters in order of playable relevance plans for Legion


Geddian Strombroeller, Human Fire Mage Tailor /Enchanter Chaotic Good.  

Going Out To Help

(From Curlaina's Blog)


They were right, Curlaina thought to herself as she packed her small kit. Llane and Jia had warned her to not go to Westfall alone, and there was little doubt that Timory and Rhiswyn would have suggested the same. And there was a little voice in the back of her head that was recommended that she heed those thoughts, but it was another voice that was driving her now.


Broken Shore RP Raid Wednesday 8-17-16 7pm

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This will take the place of the usual Dragoon meeting. The Broken Shore is a 20 man scenario we can sign up for and RP through. The event's timing is up to the NPCs and how quickly things are killed, and for the Alliance there's a chance for a transmog item. I've confirmed a lvl 98 can complete the scenario as well, but doing the scenario once locks you out during thise pre-event. If we get more people than the scenario can handle, we'll split into partial groups! 

Terry's Application

General Information


((For the purposes of brevity I'm going to answer phyiscal questions as though he is not still recovering his health, as right now he's still a wee bit emaciated-looking, nearly hairless, looks like he has vitiligo, and is generally kinda sickly.))


Name: Terrence S. Ambroce

Age: 29

Gender: Male