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Soldiers Live

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His absence is a gaping wound.

It matches the tear in the side of the gunship, where the giant reaver ripped us open, one more injury on top of all the other losses.

Broken Shore RP Raid Wednesday 8-17-16 7pm

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This will take the place of the usual Dragoon meeting. The Broken Shore is a 20 man scenario we can sign up for and RP through. The event's timing is up to the NPCs and how quickly things are killed, and for the Alliance there's a chance for a transmog item. I've confirmed a lvl 98 can complete the scenario as well, but doing the scenario once locks you out during thise pre-event. If we get more people than the scenario can handle, we'll split into partial groups! 

[Rhiswyn] Inevitable

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It was a lovely morning in Stormwind; warm, but with a breeze off the mountains. There would be rain in the afternoon, given the scent off the ocean mixing. For the moment, however, the sun was shining, and the streets weren't too busy between Trade and Cathedral Square.

Rough Neighborhood

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Walking near the Dragoon offices in Stormwind, Alynore heard the sounds of a scuffle nearby. The Commander instantly turned on a heel and headed for the sound, one hand resting on the pommel of her sword. As she rounded the corner, she spied a young man on the ground and two men dressed in brown leathers standing over him, kicking him in the sides.

"Hey!" She shouted, taking an aggressive stance. "You wanna go two on one, I'm game."