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The Road to Hell...

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Henii stood over map of Azeroth. On the parchments surface was a glowing web of energy that represented the planet’s ley lines and where they converged. She blinked her glowing blue eyes, fighting back tears, as she steeled herself for what comes next.

How Time Flies

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Every year on the same day Henii would drop what she is doing and make her way north. On azure wings she flew over Elwynn’s sea of green and Dun Morogh’s snow capped mountains. Over Arathi and skirting the green peaks that bordered former human territory and Wildhammer dwarf. The wild winds of Aerie Peak caught her wings and below she saw a new generation of Gryphon riders making use of the afternoon’s clear skies to train with their mounts.

[Anwyna] Dawn of a New Day

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It was the fear of failure that had kept Anwyna from fully pursuing the line of research that would lead to undoing the damage inflicted upon her spine. She had feared that all the work that would need to be put into, only to have it fail, would crush her spirit irreparably. Instead, she focused on her depression as a crutch to turn focus away from that research, preferring to dwell in the safe misery that she had come to know.