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In the meantime.........

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I know everyone is chomping at the bit for Overwatch and then Legion (I include myself in that group!), but I've recently become somewhat addicted to open world survival/life sims with heavy crafting components.

I've been playing Life is Feudal --

and just started playing ARK -

(and H1Z1 Survival but that's for my Walking Dead itch. And being ganked itch.)


[Anatevka] Forbidden Knowledge

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I could barely stand the smell of roasting Draenei flesh, but I hardened myself and threw another torch on the pile of defiled corpses. Stepping back, I looked up at the fel-tainted Temple of Sha’naar. I remembered when this holy ground was a place of refuge and beauty. Now, green flames of fel-fire rose from its braziers and demons stalked its halls, servants to those who I had once considered kin. After so many years, so much fighting, how could our people have been reduced to this? I’d expect brutish savagery from orcs or even Azerothians with their penchant for in-fighting, yet I had always felt that, ultimately, our kind was above such things. We had disagreements, of course; what people doesn’t? I had believed, wrongly I suppose, that the years of running from the Legion had united us unshakably.