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Short Character introductions

As an indulgence ,I thought to make a brief list and description of the characters I will play in Legion , for RP and all content :


RP Character briefing.  Shadow Council Player since 2005


To date 5 Alliance Level 100 Characters in order of playable relevance plans for Legion


Geddian Strombroeller, Human Fire Mage Tailor /Enchanter Chaotic Good.  

Going Out To Help

(From Curlaina's Blog)


They were right, Curlaina thought to herself as she packed her small kit. Llane and Jia had warned her to not go to Westfall alone, and there was little doubt that Timory and Rhiswyn would have suggested the same. And there was a little voice in the back of her head that was recommended that she heed those thoughts, but it was another voice that was driving her now.


Broken Shore RP Raid Wednesday 8-17-16 7pm

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This will take the place of the usual Dragoon meeting. The Broken Shore is a 20 man scenario we can sign up for and RP through. The event's timing is up to the NPCs and how quickly things are killed, and for the Alliance there's a chance for a transmog item. I've confirmed a lvl 98 can complete the scenario as well, but doing the scenario once locks you out during thise pre-event. If we get more people than the scenario can handle, we'll split into partial groups! 

Invasion of Fink Industries

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Red lights flashed through the halls of Fink Industries. Sirens blared as the facility shook under the bombardment from above. Cries of pain and terror echoed through the halls in between the blares of the sirens. The Legion had come calling, but they were paying dearly for every inch. From the floor, wall and ceiling, turrets popped out, firing into the hordes as they advanced. Fel energy and blood covered the halls, but eventually the turrets would run out of ammo, and the Legion would make headway.

[Rhiswyn] Inevitable

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It was a lovely morning in Stormwind; warm, but with a breeze off the mountains. There would be rain in the afternoon, given the scent off the ocean mixing. For the moment, however, the sun was shining, and the streets weren't too busy between Trade and Cathedral Square.

The Road to Hell...

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Henii stood over map of Azeroth. On the parchments surface was a glowing web of energy that represented the planet’s ley lines and where they converged. She blinked her glowing blue eyes, fighting back tears, as she steeled herself for what comes next.

How Time Flies

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Every year on the same day Henii would drop what she is doing and make her way north. On azure wings she flew over Elwynn’s sea of green and Dun Morogh’s snow capped mountains. Over Arathi and skirting the green peaks that bordered former human territory and Wildhammer dwarf. The wild winds of Aerie Peak caught her wings and below she saw a new generation of Gryphon riders making use of the afternoon’s clear skies to train with their mounts.

In the meantime.........

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I know everyone is chomping at the bit for Overwatch and then Legion (I include myself in that group!), but I've recently become somewhat addicted to open world survival/life sims with heavy crafting components.

I've been playing Life is Feudal --

and just started playing ARK -

(and H1Z1 Survival but that's for my Walking Dead itch. And being ganked itch.)