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[Anwyna] Dawn of a New Day

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It was the fear of failure that had kept Anwyna from fully pursuing the line of research that would lead to undoing the damage inflicted upon her spine. She had feared that all the work that would need to be put into, only to have it fail, would crush her spirit irreparably. Instead, she focused on her depression as a crutch to turn focus away from that research, preferring to dwell in the safe misery that she had come to know. 

Weekend Hellfire Citadel, March 12/13 2016 6:30 PM MST/MDT

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Unfortunately I won't be available on Saturday; covering a co-worker for the evening shift, so I wish you all good luck!

Also take note that this Sunday is Daylight Savings Day! Our clocks are going forward one hour in the wee hours of Sunday morning, so if you're outside North America, make sure you know what time it is!


Arriving to members of Stormwind high-society as well as all members of The Shrouded Dawn, The Meddlers, The Silver Dragoons, and The Ravenholdt League.   


((The OOC info:  Neun and Shad’s wedding is just around the corner!  The ceremony will take place at the gazebo located behind Stormwind Cathedral and begin shortly after 7pm server time (9pm EST).