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The Nighthold, January 21st and 22nd, 6:30 PM MST both days

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In the months since our failure at the Broken Shore, we have journeyed around the world and the Broken isles seeking a solution. The PIllars of Eternity, suggested to us by King Magni speaking for Azeroth herself, are said to be our salvation, but one still eludes our grasp. There's only one place left to look, and that is the Nighthold of Suramar itself. From this magical fortress, High Arcanist Ellisande has been ruling her people with an iron fist, selling out both them and all of us to the Legion to save her and a chosen few. It is thanks to her and her supporters that Suramar swarms with demons, and we have had to work tirelessly to protect the Shal'dorei from those they should trust the most. Even an army of the elven races of Azeroth was unable to overcome her defenses, and even now the aftermath of that colossal timestop blocks the front door. 

That's why we're going underground.

This Saturday, the siege of the Nighthold begins. We will infiltrate, fight, and loot our way through. This campaign will not end until Ellisande has been brought to justice, the final Pillar is in our grasp, and Light-willing, Gul'dan lays dead at our feat.

It's time to be heroes, everyone.