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An unfinished treatise on troll sweat - part 1

Much like trolls themselves, the history of troll sweat is shrouded in mystery, fragmented due to the large number of tribes.  Yet, despite its mystery, troll sweat is one of the most commonly accepted forms of currency.  You would be hard pressed to find a vendor that would refuse the guaranteed sum of 71 copper pieces for a bottle liquid mystery.  Without the understanding, commonly unanswered questions have led to a great deal of misinformation in regards to troll sweat.  It is the duty of this paper to delve into the troll sweat mysteries.


The following treatise is dedicated to the first and greatest non-orc Warlord Vol’jin, who showed Azeroth the true value of a troll’s sweat.



Part 1 – Early History of Troll Sweat

It goes without saying that troll sweat is a cornerstone of Azeroth’s economy today.  However, even for those in the industry, the emergence of troll sweat as a common staple remain unclear, as the practice of bottling said sweat is a long and arduous one.


The exact origin of the practice of bottling troll sweat has never been proven.  However, it was likely a cultural practice with origins based on the southern-most sects of the Zandalari tribe of trolls.  There are a few reasons behind this theory:

1)  Non-industrialized Troll sweat-bottling is most prolific amongst the Zandalari both in past historical accounts as well as modern accounts

2)  The chosen Zandalari climate is hot and humid, which is ideal for producing sweat.


There are some that speculate that troll sweat in this manner was used as a manner of currency.  In this theory, it is not the sweat that was important, but what the sweat represented – a unit of hard labour completed.  Chiefs would produce bottles of sweat, based on the task being done, and could be exchanged for favours from the tribe.  While this could potentially be possible, this has never been proven historically, as open discussion with the Zandalari in regards to troll sweat often ends with the hopeful historian dodging spears and axes.

Another theory that’s gaining more providence is the cultural challenge aspect of the troll sweat.  Zandalari Trolls, who are known for their exceptional regenerative capabilities, have based many of their most significant cultural decisions on the concept of “An eye for an eye” – that one slight or wound should be paid for with another.  As such, it would be an immense insult for a troll to present a bottle of troll sweat to a rival – especially after a fight.  This would be tantamount to saying “You have lost a lot of sweat in our struggle, so here is a bottle of sweat to make up for it” or “You are straining while I find this too easy.”  While likely infuriating, this display is meant to be one of strength, especially when challenging for the role of chief by combat.

By this theory, it makes sense for Zandalari trolls to carry bottles of troll sweat to this day while being unnaturally infuriated by discussion or offers of additional bottles of troll sweat.  It is unlikely that trolls carry the sweat for the economic or industrial benefits that the industry uses today.