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Identity Crisis, Part One

Llane Venner had just been going through the motions for weeks now. He woke up, ate breakfast with his family, and used his hearthstone to travel to Dalaran. He’d make a brief stop at the Dalaran Diviner’s office before running all over the city, and sometimes further afield, in order to gather information for a variety of stories. Such was the life of a journalist.

Only…he wasn’t enjoying it. It wasn’t just because he was overworked (he was), or because he could use some help with the paper (he could). Llane was actually starting to wonder if starting the Diviner had been a mistake.

He’d started the paper because he was sick of other publications trying to get him to compromise his principles just to sell newspapers. The Diviner had been an attempt to break free from that sort of thing. But now, Llane couldn’t help but feel like even his friends viewed him as just another soulless reporter, looking for a big story.

The stories he was covering weren’t big, though. And spending so much time working on the paper was keeping him from having much time for Gilly and the kids. The twins had just started walking, and Llane had missed their first steps. How many more firsts was he going to miss because of his work?

Llane knew that something had to change, and soon. The mission to Argus was coming up, and he wanted to be there, fighting beside his friends. Not as a reporter, but as a Meddler.

As for the Diviner…he was pretty sure that he knew someone who could help.