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Emeera's Journal - 1 - Running Away

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I did it! I can’t believe I did it!


Getting out of Karabor without being seen was quite possibly the most nerve wracking, and at the same time most exciting, thing I’ve ever done! I made it all the way to Stormshield without anyone suspecting a thing, thank the Light.


 I couldn’t stand another day of mind-numbing life in the Temple. Lectures, study, chores, repeat. Day after day of all of that it was just wearing me down. I wasn’t supposed to be there, I could feel it in my bones. Not that the Matron would agree with my feelings anyway.


“It’s too dangerous for you out there.” I could hear her say, “You’re better off staying behind Karabor’s walls and learning about the Light. Its what your parents would have wanted.”


Bah. I think my parents would have wanted to be alive, actually. Thanks, lady.


After seeing all those people from the other world came through Karabor it really solidified my decision to quit this place. They were all so interesting and diverse; I bet each one of them had a million exciting stories to tell! Where as all I can tell people is the Tenants of the Light and how long it takes to scrub the floors of the Dormitories.


Now I’ve got myself a new path and a portal ticket to the human city Stormwind. This is so exciting I can barely sit still! I’ve been listening to stories Azerotians are telling and their world just sounds so amazing.


I hope I can meet a dragon!