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Emeera's Journal - 2 - Whirlwind Days

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Light I don’t even know where to begin.


The last few days were all a whirlwind of interesting experiences! The first had to be when I got to Stormwind in the first place. I didn’t expect to be coming out in an honest to goodness mage tower! There were humans of all shapes and colors, little gnomes, and skinny humans with long ears! Though they had pretty glowing blue eyes!


It was a long stone ramp the curled around the tower that led me out and I think I gasped out loud when I saw the city. I was standing just above many of the roofs and I could see just how expansive it was! Though I probably should have guess since I heard it referred to as the capital of the Alliance. I learned later that the roofs were color coded by district which is a handy touch.


When I got to the bottom of the spiral ramp, well, that’s when things really got interesting. I met a woman there, actually walked into is more accurate, but she was nice about it. She is a Draenai like me but a good couple feet taller and nice enough to not chew me out! She is beautiful and strong with her white skin making her look like she was carved out of the purest alabaster stone…


Anyway, we talked for a while and I found out she is from my Draenor to! I don’t think I’ll ever have to get used to making that distinction. Two Draenors. It had to do with an orc and time magic I think? It didn’t sound real when I heard people talking about it but here I am.


This world is a strange one!


Back on track, after talking with Ivinara for a while, that’s her name, Ivi, and she lent me some money to get an inn room for the night. Human beds are weird and just barely big enough for me and even then I had to curl up a bit on my side. It wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had but that’s just something I’ll have to get used to while in a human city.


The next day I met up with Ivi again and she gave me the grand tour of the Stormwind. She showed me the rest of the Mage District, Trade, Old Town, the Dwarf District, and all the places in between. There’s so much to do here I almost feel overwhelmed! So much shopping I could do and lots of entertainment I could enjoy! But that’s secondary to my goal, I’m here for my own adventure.


Which lead to my first big obstacle. I only had enough money for lunch that day.


Luckily enough when I was out and about I met another Draenai woman, Daelina, who’s job it was to see how Draenai were settling in the Alliance and help them out when she can. I guess she saw a prime opportunity in me! So she sat with me and she asked me a bunch of questions about what my talents are and if I have profession or not. I told her I know healing magic and have, well, theoretical offensive magic. The Matron didn’t want us to learn offensive magic, she said we wouldn’t need it and should focus on the healing arts since we’re safe behind Karabor’s walls. But at the persistence of another Anchorite we learned how to channel that energy into offensive magic. I only tested myself on target crystal and I was…okayish.


Daelina seemed surprised and concerned about my lack of offensive training because a lot of places on Azeroth can be very dangerous she said. She also said she would get me map of places where she thinks I can explore in relative safety while I learn to protect myself and eventually move up to more challenging regions. This seems like a lot of work for here and she isn’t asking for any kind of payment. So she’s either REALLY generous or has another thing planned. I’m more inclined to believe the generous part, though, since she took me on a small trip.


She used portal magic to take me to some jungle on another continent! It was so pretty. So green and lush and the smells! I think there were some flowers near by with a really strong scent. I think I’ll head back one day and see if I can find them. There was also a really big lake near by with amazingly clear water that we went to talk at. She caught me off guard though and used magic to change because when she followed up behind me she went from her stylish dress to a two piece bathing suit! Light, I don’t think I blushed so much before in my life. I tripped over my tongue so much for a while.


She was nice enough to offer to change into something more modest but, truth be told, I…kind of liked it. She is VERY pretty, and, well, she had A LOT going on and that’s all I’ll say on that. She must have a mischief streak because she used her magic to put me into what she called a bikini similar to hers! I was surprised and embarrassed but in the long run I didn’t mind too much. All I have is one set of robes and I didn’t want to get them wet or dirty. We then spent a couple of hours just chatting about my life on Draenor and what I’ve liked about Azeroth so far.


Daelina had given me a card last night with her address on it just in case I needed her help with things. It was a nice gesture and I really liked her company so I think it’s also because we’re friends now that she gave it to me. It also glows when she’s near by which is a neat touch! But in addition to her address she gave the address of another person she knows who might be able to help me out with my job situation. It was Ivinara again, but this timelines version. It was odd to wrap my mind around but I’m trying to keep open about such things. Like I said this planet is strange!


Anyway, I went to her place and it was huge! From what I could tell it was very expensive compared to other houses I saw so I think her and her Henii are very important people here. Daelina said they’re loaded to and even might just give me a pile of money if I asked. I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that I might be treated like a charity, I want to make my own way in the world after all, but some gold for traveling equipment might be nice. Daelina also warned me that the first job this Ivi might ask would be one were I would be naked.


She was right, though.


This Ivinara was much different than the first, uh, version I met. While still kind to me she was much…harder. She just seemed a lot more jagged, like she had been through some bad things, compared to the other Ivi. She was also not shy about, um, putting herself on display so to speak. She must have been working out or something because her sweat had soaked right through her top and…yeah. She knew that I knew and didn’t care. Deep down I didn’t mind either but still, moving on!


She took me inside and the manor was just as impressive, if even more so, than the outside! From what little time I spent there I wonder if I even covered half the grounds when walking around. Ivi brought me to a sitting room and let me try a rum and cola. I like cola! It’s fizzy and tickles but it so tasty! So I told her about my looking for a job and she asked if I was comfortable taking my clothes off for pictures and I said no. That’s not the kind of work I’m looking for, no thank you!


So we talked for a bit and she hinted at, um, wanting to try things and Light I almost let her. The rum I think got to my head and with her being forward I just felt all…flustered and…well, that’s not important! What’s important is she had to go take care of one of her children who got out of bed and left me with a magazine she was in to keep entertained while I waited for her Henii. I felt awkward looking at it so I put that magazine quite aways away while I waited.


This Ivi told me Henii, the one who might be able to really help, was away fighting in Tanaan when I arrived but would be back once the operation was completed. When she got back and I met her Henii was not at all what I expected. With all the pretty people I was meeting lately I expected her to be the same, which she was, but she also had a …grimness to her. Maybe it was because she just got back from fighting and was in her Warmage armor but she seemed to have a shadow around her, like she was haunted, and just didn’t want to deal with anything right then.


Henii was polite enough to talk to me even though I could tell with her voice that she was weary and just wanted to rest. She said she would contact me tomorrow afternoon to talk proper which is good because I felt bad for bothering her right then. She then gave me a small pile of gold and bade me goodnight. I was going to protest the gold but the look she gave me made me rethink looking a gift Talbuk in the mouth. At least I can get a few changes of clothes now so that’s something!


I wonder if the following days will be as…intense as the last few? I’ll just have to wait and see I suppose!