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Auntie Lu

The small ball of floof looked at Lu from the bundle of blankets she shivered in. The high temple grounds were cold in the winter winds. The black and white face, soft, light sky blue eyes looked out at her, puzzled at first, then the smile broke out and Lu found herself even more confused. 


"You're the fire lady!" the little Pandaren said in a chirpy voice. A coughing fit caught her out. Luxirti looked at the woman holding the little bundle. Still not following.


"Your image was found near the wreckage of the mantle. As for the cough, she has a small cold from the exposure. She has a touch of frost bite on her fingers and toes, we have healed it as best we can, the rest will just take time." The woman was relaxed, as if explaining things like this were common place. Luxirti had seen the wreckage of her once home. The roof had collapsed under the weight of ice and snow. A small avalanche had caught out her husband and his new wife. They had been gathering wood from the pile by the smoke house for use inside when a shelf well above the home gave way. By the time they had realized what the sound had meant, it was too late. The Shado-Pan who had heard the avalanche tried to mount a rescue, but the snows were too unstable to do more than open the house to the elements more. They brought in mages who froze sections of ground together as fast as they could. When they found the child, hours later, it had been a miracle. The snow had shoved her tiny bed up against the wall and made a large pocket of air that the tiny cub could breath in comfortably. It had been her crying that had helped them find her through the piles of snow. 


Those same Shado-Pan had scoured the course of the avalanche until their flying dragons were able to sniff out the body of Jhin Xu Tien and his wife Ki Jai. Once it was realized that the only living person with any ties to Pi Mai was Lu, a decision had been made to hold off on the cremation until after Lu herself had a chance to verify that the husband who had lied about his wife's passing was in truth dead. 


Stealing herself, Lu Xir Ti opened her arms and welcomed the small cub into her embrace. The woman holding her, passed the whole swaddled bundle over to keep the cub warm. Lu hadn't realized the tears were in her eyes when she hugged the little cub to herself. "Pi? Do you know what my name is?" she asked around a choking sob. The little cub nodded, "You're Auntie Lu, Papa told me I might meet you one day..."