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[Anwyna] Dawn of a New Day

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It was the fear of failure that had kept Anwyna from fully pursuing the line of research that would lead to undoing the damage inflicted upon her spine. She had feared that all the work that would need to be put into, only to have it fail, would crush her spirit irreparably. Instead, she focused on her depression as a crutch to turn focus away from that research, preferring to dwell in the safe misery that she had come to know. 

Despite that, it was the encouragement and love of her friends and fellow Dragoons, that in the end, bolstered her resolve. Nothing ventured nothing gained as it were. 


The weeks rolled by as Anwyna tirelessly worked long hours beyond her normal medical shifts, pouring herself into her research. On her spare time she consulted with engineers of varying disciplines, alchemists, and healers from all walks of life. With all that knowledge gained she added it to her own plans, and with a hand picked team of specialized surgeons, set to work forming a plan of attack. 


Anwyna could not deny the feel of anxiety as she headed into the operating room. Not that she was scared of such a place, but that she was handing such an important task to others, not that operating on herself was any kind of a viable option. So she swallowed her fears and put her faith in her research and other doctors. They would see her through. 


She was laid face down on the operating table and made as comfortable as possible. She recited prayers to the Light under her breath as she was hooked to various monitoring machines. Ginwhistle, fellow Dragoon and nervous system specialist, stepped into view. He wore typical white smock and sterile gloves. His face was covered by a mask but she could see the fabric pull as the gnome smiled beneath. 


“Are you nervous? Your heart rate is above normal.” He inquired before turning his eyes to the now lit up screens surrounding the surgical station.


Anwyna nodded in response before adding, “I am, somewhat. You would think I would be more used to such drastic win or lose scenarios such as this.”


“Understandable. But try not to worry. With both the research you have compiled and the marvelous device your Draenic companions have crafted, I would say our chances of success are well over ninety point four percent.”

Gin’s confidence brought a smile to Anwyna’s lips as he continued.


“With my new miniturized scanner in hand, I will be able to pinpoint that exact, precise location of the damage. Once the damaged tissue cleaned out, we will remove one of your vertebrae and replace with that the Draenic disc. After everything has been connected to the spinal column, we will close you up with the appropriate amount of magical healing, and once you are stronger,  and certain the device is not being rejected, we will attempt to activate it.”


“Then fingers crossed hoping that works as intended.” Anwyna added.


Gin nodded in response, “Exactly. You should feel the effects of the anesthesia soon so make yourself comfortable, relax, and we will speak once more when you are awake.”


Anwyna took a deep breath as Gin walked around the table to speak with assistants. The anesthesia did its job and she slipped into unconsciousness.



Days passed after the surgery and she did her best to remain distracted as to not dwell on if the device would or would not work. Daiyu was there, of course, the giant panda being an unending fountain of positivity for the recovering elf. Others no doubt would want to visit and offer words of encouragement but Anwyna requested this be kept secret. If it worked she wished to surprise those close to her, like Rhiswyn, and well as the rest of the Dragoons. 


Then came the day that, after careful monitoring and application of healing magic, that Gin concluded the disc was not rejected and ready for testing. Anwyna lay on her side facing Daiyu whom held her hands, the Pandaren’s large fingers stroking the smaller pair comfortingly. A device was placed against her skin above where the device sat in her spine and Gin’s voice broke the tense silence. 


“Activating the disc with electrical shock in three…two…” He turned his eyes to his scanner which, on it’s display, would tell the gnome if the Draenic disc worked, “…One.” 


Anwyna jerked slightly as her body was shocked. After moment Gin pulled the device away and Anwyna was placed on her back. 


“It seems the disc is working as intended, but as this is quite new medicine, I am unsure if how long it will take to fully restore functionality to your legs.” He looks up from his scanner to Anwyna, “Do you feel anything? Attempt to move a toe.” 

Anwyna’s heart pounded in her chest. This was it, do or die, the moment she was most afraid would fail now here right in front of her. She looked along her legs, focusing, trying to will her nerves back into being. Anwyna’s brow furrowed as she strained. With an exhale of frustration she slumped back against the pillow.




Daiyu knelt down to hold her small girlfriend, “I’m sorry Anny…But maybe it just takes a bit! We don’t know, you might just starting feeling something when you least expect it!” Daiyu gave Anwyna her best smile in an attempt to life the elf’s spirits.

“Daiyu is right miss Anwyna. It is far too soon to give up hope on this procedure just yet.” Gin spoke as he produced a pen from his coat. He moved a step stool at the foot of the bed and lifted the blankets to expose Anwyna’s feet. He gave various spots on the soles of her feet quick prods and pokes then looked to Anwyna, “Nothing still?”


Anwyna shook her head and opened her mouth to speak but paused when she felt …something.


It started in her feet as a brief tingle. So faint that she almost dismissed it as hopeful imagination. But as it grew in intensity and began to spread up the length of her legs. She gasped in surprise nearly leaping out of Daiyu’s gasp as she sat up.


“There! I-I feel something! Like when you foot falls asleep from being in one position for too long. My entire legs are tingling like that!” She laughed, tears of joy gathering in the corners of her eyes, “It’s the best and worst feeling!”


Daiyu cheered so loud that she was no doubt heard all through the ward. Gin grinned widely as he fiddled with his scanner and ran it over her legs, “Yes, it would seem that the nerves from your spine to your feet, are in fact, transmitting electrical signals once again. Congratulations Miss Anwyna, the surgery seems to be a complete success!” 


Daiyu hugged Anwyna tightly as the elf wiped her eyes, “Thank you Gin, I can’t express how happy I am right now.”


“You’re welcome, of course. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that it is a perfect result, but I am confident you will be back on your feet, as it were, in no time.” He closed his portable scanner and tucked it into his coat, “In fact, I believe an appointment with a physiotherapist in order. I will make the arrangements shortly. Once again, congratulations Miss Anwyna. Not only for your recovery, but also for our progression of medical science! We can discuss the writing of a paper on this later. For now, good day.”


Gin stepped off the stool and strode out of the room just as Daiyu gave her a messy kiss on the cheek. Anwyna laughed brighter and more joyful than she had in a long time at that. The tingle in her legs eventually faded and in it’s wake left the very real sensation of feeling behind. The weight of the blanket above and the fabric of the bed below. After a while of practice she made a toe twitch and it felt like the greatest accomplishment she ever had.


Soon she will be working with the physiotherapist to build strength and motion once more in her legs. Soon she will be free of the wheelchair she was bound to. Soon, all will be right again.