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[Anwyna] Step by Step

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“Are you sure? You don’t need to push yourself any more today, I’m okay with pushing your chair!”


“It’s alright Daiyu, I want to do this. It’s important.”

The towering pandaren nodded her head as Anwyna pulled her cane from where it sat at the wheelchair’s side. She braced the foot of the cane on the hospital floor, and with a firm push, raised herself to her feet. Her heart pounded as she stared at the open doors a few feet in front of her. She exhaled slowly and brought herself into a calm focus as she took her first step.


Anwyna leaned on the cane as she slowly, carefully, took step after step. Her feet clad in simple cloth shoes wobbled a bit as she moved with the least amount of support she’s had in a long time. As she drew closer to the door it was all she could do to keep her excitement from overcoming her and trying to rush to her goal. After what felt like the longest walk of her life she crossed the Hospital’s threshhold and into the afternoon air.


Bright sunlight shined down on Cathedral square’s white stones.  Blooming flowers filled the air with a sweet, delightful scent carried along by gentle breeze. The bottom of her simple gown wafted in that breeze and the feeling of fabric moving and air dancing around her legs turn her lips into a wide grin. She turned to look at Daiyu who stood in the doorway, the pandaren’s grin mirroring her own.


“Care to walk me home, Daiyu?”


“ ’ Course Anny, let’s go!”