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In the meantime.........

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I know everyone is chomping at the bit for Overwatch and then Legion (I include myself in that group!), but I've recently become somewhat addicted to open world survival/life sims with heavy crafting components.

I've been playing Life is Feudal --

and just started playing ARK -

(and H1Z1 Survival but that's for my Walking Dead itch. And being ganked itch.)


If anyone is interested in these games, I could create and host a server just for us -- Feudal servers hold up to 64 people, ARK varies from around that to sometimes 100+ as far as I can tell. It would be password protected, avoid random internet trolls, and a great way to team up for fun, whether it's building houses, farming or hunting (or in the case of Life is Feudal, creating our own kingdom). All you would need to do is buy the game from steam and then it would be available for use whenever.

These are sandbox games so it might not be up the alley of those who like a linear narrative, but I figure if it's fun for me now, it would be even more fun with some friends and our own server.  Let me know if you're interested at all so I can see whether or not it's worth it to set up a Meddlegoon server. We can also set our own server rules (skill caps, mods, etc).

Anyhoo, I miss playing with everyone and with my treatments, I can't do much other than play games, do computer work or rest in bed. I just thought it would be cool :3

Imagine, our very own island...or kingdom!