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Dragoon In Character Regulations

To assist people in the Kingdom of Stormwind and the rest of the Alliance, with honor and integrity. Support and defend one another and our allies. Obey the orders of those above you, and avoid jobs that may reflect poorly on the unit’s moral reputation.

Listed below is a summary of important information concerning daily life. OOC clarification is in italics.

We are based in, and as necessary defend, Stormwind City and the surrounding Shires. Other territories and contested zones are on case-by-case assignment depending on reliable, honorable jobs that serve the good of the Alliance.

-Questing, instancing, and PvP are considered a part of a Dragoon’s duty or training–you aren’t “stuck” in any zone! Defending Alliance cities is not mandatory, though is encouraged, particularly while wearing the guild tabard. PvP Offense is not normally an objective, but may occur in questing, RP-PvP, or for story reasons.

The Dragoons maintain three watches through the day. During at least two of the three watches, all Dragoons are required to check in via guildstone or in person. After two missed checks, there is a flag. After three, the Dragoon is officially MIA and an investigation is begun. If a guildstone registers as destroyed, response is immediate. See below for more on guildstones.

-First, this is not an actual requirement, but an IC plot device for common sense purposes. While military, the Dragoons kept track of members and their whereabouts. Real Life will sometimes take players away. Their characters are assumed to be doing their usual jobs in the background, or on long-term assignments, until that player returns, without stressing over where the character was and what they were doing.
-Some plots where injury, kidnapping, or other reasons a character cannot communicate do occur. In this case, the company will realize the character is MIA and start looking right away—not months after the fact. We ask that a heads-up for such plots is given and it’s noted that a character is not making check-in.

Every Dragoon is given a magical guild stone upon joining. These are kept on your body and turned on at all times. These stones are equipped with tracking that is able to detect your location to within a few hundred yards. They are capable of private communications and variable volumes. If you are unable to physically check in, then a message via the Guildstone is necessary.

Please note; the guildstone is not a fragile object. It will be able to stand the pressures of battle and much wear and tear, so this is not an acceptable excuse for leaving your stone behind. They are also extremely difficult to tamper with magically or mechanically. If you somehow lose or destroy your guildstone, you must inform the unit immediately and a replacement will be issued.

-The guild stone capabilities are “plot strong,” meaning their limits can fluctuate for the needs of story. Please remember that we have a PG-13 rating for our channels, though there is some leeway for IC language. The Guild’s OOC channel is for guild members and their alts. Non-guild members are not allowed in the channel without Officer approval and clear understanding of our rules. See the “Guidelines” page for more details on channels.

Every Wednesday at 1900 (7pm) the Silver Dragoons convene for a meeting at the Argent Dawn offices in Stormwind’s Cathedral Square, conducted by the senior most Dragoon available. The meeting is an opportunity to discuss events, analyze and share information, and give out orders and tasks. It is recommended that every capable Dragoon attend, as this is your opportunity to be heard! For those who cannot make it to the meetings, check in with an officer as soon as possible, or check the office bulletin board.

-REAL LIFE COMES FIRST. Do not feel like you are ‘required’ to come to meetings. While attending guild events is recommended as we are primarily a RP guild, this is a game. That’s why we have the check-in system; your Dragoon can be considered on duty, doing background things, even if you’re not around. Feed yourself, get some sleep, spend time with friends and family. We understand! Check the in game resources and the website for info you missed.

We rent the Argent Dawn offices in Stormwind. The Chamberlain is often there keeping the building neat and offering assistance to any Dragoons in need until an officer can be reached. Andrea Branstein serves as our Accountant and is often working there as well. Our base is where we meet regularly, gather supplies, can temporarily bed down as needed, and post regular announcements and information. Recruit applications are gathered here, as well as serving as an interview location. Check the bulletin board for calendar updates and news, or receive updates via guildstone during check-ins.

-Information in the in-game Guild Info tab, the Guild Message of the Day, the in-game calendar, the website, social events threads, and Crossroads calendar are considered public, IC information (unless specifically marked OOC) that your character(s) can easily learn about. The Chamberlain is a guild NPC left over from our days in the Keep; the officers generally reference him. Andrea belongs to Goeffrey/Dolraan.

The uniform of the Silver Dragoons is distinct and easily recognizable. Our dress uniform is typically worn at meetings and formal occasions. The use of guild shirts is also encouraged. Conduct while in uniform is to be respectable; moderate drinking, temperate actions. You represent the entire unit while wearing our colors.

Combat uniform for all Dragoons:
-Silver Dragoons guild tabard, any version

Dress uniform for all recruits:
-Silver Dragoons guild tabard, any version

Dress uniform for all enlisted:
-Silver Dragoons guild tabard, any version
-Stylish Blue Shirt
-Nightwind Belt
-A pair of brown or black boots (Draenei may forgo boots)
-Azure Silk Pants, Blue Recruit Pants, or Black Tuxedo Pants (Paladin Starter or Tuxedo Pants if under lvl 23)

Female dress uniform option:
-Silver Dragoons guild tabard, any version
-Robes of Arcana
-Nightwind Belt
-A pair of brown or black boots (Draenei may forgo boots)

Officers: Substitute a dreamer’s belt for the standard nightwind belt.

Uniforms are provided upon passing the interview to full Dragoon. Dragoons only have to provide their own footgear. The use of guild shirts is encouraged under gear, permitted at meetings, and during informal events such as Fight Nights. Fancier tabards are an individual option.

For dress uniforms: capes, shoulder devices, or the use of helmets or masks which conceal the face are not permitted. Any gloves must be black, brown, or blue.

-If you are missing a piece of the uniform, make sure to contact an officer so they may get you what is needed from the guild bank. Boots are the only thing that the Guild bank does not keep in stock. Donations of materials for the making of uniforms is appreciated, but not required. We don’t give Recruits the full uniform due to it being a trial rank. Unlocked reputation tabards and guild shirts are available from the Guild Vendors in any capital city, or your Guild Herald pet.

In the field and on duty, officers should be called by their rank and name, or sir or ma'am as appropriate. Enlisted personnel are referred to by their rank and name. For senior to junior personnel relationships, referring to someone by their name is appropriate under informal circumstances. Off duty, personal preference and relationships can take precedence.

-For information on the Chain of Command please see the Ranks page. Note IC ranks may be different and marked by the character’s Officer Note.

The hand salute is an honored tradition, representing the respect present between officers and enlisted. Meetings will often be called to attention and dismissed with a salute. Salutes can also be rendered to the leaders or recognized senior members of allied guilds.