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Dragoon Out of Character Guidelines

Our guild places roleplay as our primary focus. All Dragoons should maintain a standard of open, sociable play that is reflected through IC and OOC interactions with others. We encourage Dragoons to seek the company of guild mates and fellow roleplayers for quests, raids, and other in-game undertakings. We ask participation in the realm’s open RP events.

Roleplay should be consensual. Under no circumstances is a Dragoon to attempt to force/coerce/guilt any other player to roleplay. “Power Gaming” or “Godmoding” where one player attempts to force actions on another player, or force the players to accept an action against their will through RP, should neither be performed or tolerated. Try to reach a compromise, but feel free to walk away from any situation that makes you uncomfortable. Players are under no obligation to participate in another person’s roleplay if it’s unwelcome.

We understand that real life comes first. Attendance is encouraged but not required, so do not feel obligated to log in every day. If you will be unable to log in for a long period of time, please post an AFK notice or let an officer know; unless otherwise specified, the check-in system will be used IC. See the Ranks page for further AFK info.

This is mostly about in game communication. For other websites (such as Crossroads or Tumblr), conform to their rules, and mark anything that needs it with trigger warnings or NSFW tags as necessary.

We do not expect our members to adopt florid faux-middle ages speech. We caution against typing too heavy an accent for your character, as this can make it harder to understand RP and lead to frustration. A little accented text to get across the idea is fine.

It is easy to make errors when typing, especially when conversations demand speedy reactions. We ask that Dragoons do their best, and avoid the use of leet, text abbreviations, or smileys in IC channels. Typos happen and are nothing to stress over; many times, they’re just funny!

World of Warcraft is a game that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Dragoons should keep their OOC language mostly clean, avoiding lewd or inappropriate speech and actions in public, to recognize that broad age range and social diversity, as well as conforming to Blizzard’s TOS for a T-rated game. We currently have PG-13 channels; please keep your public language and comments in that rating, even if you think you’re alone. RP mods such as MyRoleplay, TotalRP, FlagRSP, etc. are readable by others, and therefore count as public channels for our purposes. There are private channels for foul language; other channels are considered “safe zones.” Few like asterisks/symbols as a form of censorship; find an appropriate exclamation, keep it to yourself, or go to the private R-rated channel to vent. IC, characters might be lewd, rude, and so on, but make sure people know it’s all IC. If it’s really bothering someone, please tone it down.

Try to avoid real world religion and politics, avoid bigoted language, and minimize public OOC drama. We understand that sometimes things slip out or get out of hand. If something is offensive, speak up, but don’t make a big deal of it. The subject should change immediately. Let an officer know so we can discuss the issue calmly; logs and screenshots are helpful. Multiple offenses will lead to officer action.

The following list is a set of guidelines for our communication channels in the game. Some situations require us to be flexible; we ask that Dragoons remember to stay in character in IC channels, or use ((OOC brackets)). Accidents do happen; if someone reminds you to watch your language or topics OOC, it’s not a big deal!

/say and /emote: This is where most roleplaying occurs, the most common mode of IC speech and action, and the most public. These channels are expected to be in character unless necessary, such as when a game-related point needs to be made to a person who is not in the same OOC channel. Even IC, mind Blizzard’s TOS for a T-rated game; err on the side of caution if uncertain, as misunderstandings can happen.

/guild: The guild channel is generally governed by the same rules as the /say channel. Stay in character, and mark all out of character comments. Some members use the WoW phone app when unable to log in. The app is unable to communicate in custom channels, so use OOC markings in Guild to communicate. Try to keep it a PG-13 channel, though occasional story/character related things do occur.

/whisper or /Real ID (/BattleTags): Communication using whispers is at the discretion of users for OOC and/or IC. These channels are private to players, and their topics should remain so unless agreed to be shared by all participants. It’s recommended that you still keep in mind issues of internet anonymity, basic ‘net safety, and possible issues with underage players. Misstells can also happen.

/(Guild’s OOC Channel): This channel is for OOC communication in game, including non-guilded alts and Officer-approved non-guilded friends. This keeps the IC channels clear for RP. When a character joins the guild, an officer will let you know what this channel name is. This is a PG-13 channel.

/party, /raid, & /instance: These channels are usually for OOC game play communication. When distance keep members from hearing /says or emotes, some people may switch /p or /raid to IC; please make sure to respect the wishes of others. If with other guild groups, respect their chat rules; if none are given, play it safe and stick to PG-13 language unless informed otherwise. In Randoms, use discretion, be polite, and see “Grouping Conduct” and “Conflict Resolution” for further advice.

/(MeddleGoon Naughty Channel): There’s a time and place for everything, and there is a private R-rated channel for swearing and making dirty jokes. If you really need to make off-color comments, ask for the channel name. This keeps our “public” channels friendly, while letting folks be gross adults.

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer game, so you will often find yourself grouped with other players. In random multiplayer content, we are grouping with other realms, most not designated for roleplay. During this time remember that you are a part of a team no matter which realm or size; if you feel comfortable, speak up and offer advice in achieving the group’s goals.

We’ve all grouped with at least one person, be they inconsiderate or ignorant, who is a source of irritation and annoyance. Bad behavior on one person’s part does not justify it on yours. Maintain a good attitude. Politely offer advice. Don’t be a jerk to “teach someone a lesson.” If a player is trolling the party or being abusive, use the in game tools to report and ignore that player. This can be accomplished by simply right-clicking on their name in chat or on their character portrait. You can also type /ignore Name-Realm. Leave the party if you feel they are being too disruptive to continue. Do NOT bait a troll or respond to a griefer; they enjoy the attention.

As a member of The Silver Dragoons, you are expected to maintain the reputation of the guild to the players of WoW, in game, and on related websites.

We’re a group of friends. Don’t be greedy. Do try to be courteous, even in PUGs. In other guild groups you may join, follow their loot system—always ask them to clarify their loot rules at the start of the instance.

With the addition of the Dungeon finder and the stat system in Warlords of Draenor, the game is good at making sure everyone gets a chance at class and spec appropriate loot.

In general:
*For boss loot, if it’s for your main spec and an upgrade, roll Need. This is generally Bind on Pickup (BoP) loot; some items have a timer where you can trade it with fellow group members if necessary.
*Offspec; make sure to ask in OOC channels before rolling Need; if no one can use/needs, roll Greed or DE.
*If available, choose DE for Bind On Equip green items (otherwise, Pass or Greed); Blue BoEs should be discussed before rolling. If no one needs it, and it’s a BoE Blue, the group leader will place it in the guild bank. Alternatively, roll Greed on BoE Blues, and do what you wish with them. Needing on BoE Blues will make them bind to you as of Cataclysm.

The Silver Dragoons guild bank is to be used by members to help each other. This is where you can place helpful excess items, and a place to look for needed items before going to the AH. Keep in mind that any gold looted, or earned during guild group runs, automatically generates funds for the bank.

Each tab is named and kept organized. Check the “Info” tab to be certain.
-Tavern: Consumables, such as potions, elixirs, food, drink, and holiday items. 
-Sewing: Cloth, leather, spider silk, bags, spellthreads and leg patches.
-Apothecary: Enchantment dust/crystals/essences, elements, dungeon orbs, herbs, inks, pigments, and alchemy fish.
-Library: Recipes, schematics, enchant scrolls, Darkmoon cards, glyphs, Archaeology keys, rep turn in items (even non-bookish ones), and RP books/letters/documents.
-Miner: Gems, crystals, pearls, ore, bars, engineering stuff, and tool/fishing boxes.
-Wardrobe: Gear; for leveling, transmog, and RP. Items to be DE’d can also be placed here temporarily.
-Zoo: Pets of all varieties, mounts, and any related items. Possibly Toys.
-The Vault: Uniforms and rare items.

Do not deposit easily-found vendor-bought items, or gray vendor trash—unless it’s a specific hard-to-find RP item; then place it in the appropriate tab.

When repairing gear, the gold hammer & anvil icon is available for most ranks. Like withdrawals, feel free to use them up to your rank’s daily allowance. There are guild achievements for guild repair usage.

Each rank is accorded a withdrawal limit on the tabs each day; the top and bottom text of the tabs show your allowance per your rank. The limits are there to protect the guild, but also to ensure people can get what they need. Please withdraw if there’s something you can use for crafting, skill-ups, RP, or questing, even on your alts.

The final tab is protected from non-officers. This is where we keep uniforms for members, as well as any other rare items as needed. Officers require authenticators for bank protection.

Don’t take things to sell; those items are meant to be used. The officers will clean out the bank as needed and recompense the bank funds and enchanting supplies.

Items are to be used by guild members or their alts (even if those alts are not in the Dragoons). There are cases where officers will share items with our allied guild’s members, as we share a raid team and they allow us usage of their bank supplies for raids. If in doubt, ask an officer.

Many times RP can lead to situations that can lead to IC and/or OOC conflict. Avoid confusing IC character issues with OOC player issues, and vice versa. IC Actions have IC Consequences. Conflict and drama are fine IC. It should NOT become OOCly personal. Communicate with those you’re RPing with to be sure everyone’s on the same page, and that frustrations aren’t bleeding from IC to OOC, or vice-versa.

If you are wrong, admit it. If you cannot resolve a conflict peacefully, then walk away. Seek other means of resolution. Ask your officers for advice. Try not to argue in a public channel or forum posting.

Attempt to resolve things first.
Before seeking officer intervention, we ask that all Dragoons make an effort to maturely resolve any conflicts on their own. Privately discuss things in a rational manner and see if you can clear up an issue yourself.

When necessary, seek officer intervention.
If you can’t solve the problem yourself, then seek officer intervention. If the offending party is a member of an allied guild, report him to his superiors as well as your own. By asking for officer intervention, both parties agree to be bound by whatever decision that officer renders. In some cases, the officer may request chat logs, screenshots, and/or witnesses.

After hearing both sides of the issue, the officer will make an informed decision based on the information provided. If he does not want to bear the decision alone, he may seek the advice of other officers, including the Commander.

For Griefers: Whisper a polite reminder that Shadow Council/Blackwater Raiders is a RP realm and ask that they stop harassing RP, or they will be reported. Some will claim to be IC themselves. Some will act up more. Others may actually stop. If they persist, put them on /ignore and create a ticket. You won’t know the results of the action on that player, but enough warnings can get someone a temp or even perma-ban. Use date and time in the ticket, but do not link logs or screencaps; the GMs don’t need them. Do use phrases like harassment, bigoted language, etc as appropriate.

“Troll baiting” can make things harder on players, guilds, and event runners. On the official forums, downvote and report the post, ignore the player if necessary, and leave the thread. On Crossroads, ignore the player and report the behavior to the mods if needed. There is no point in engaging with someone intent on causing drama, and can lead to more harassment—for yourself, and even the rest of the guild.

Even if they’re dancing naked in your face or setting off AOE spells, continue to RP as normal and do NOT react. The best way to get rid of an attention-seeking griefer is to not give them attention. We have the right to RP in public.

Remember to treat others as you want to be treated. This is a golden rule that applies both in game as well as in life.

Actions that reflect badly on the guild—out in the realm world, in random dungeons, the LFR, the official realm forums, RP Crossroads, and/or Tumblr—by breaking the outlined OOC policies, will earn the offender counseling with a warning. A repeat offense earns demotion to Reservist. Third strike, /gkick.

If you think that something is missing or has not been explained fully, please contact an officer and we will do our best to address your concerns.