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Dragoon Ranks - IC and OOC

Clarifications, policies, and penalties below.

Commander: Guild Leader, IC and OOC. Held to the standards of other officers and members.

Officers: The rank requires authenticators. Officers have a daily allowance for repairs/withdrawal, and plenty of bank removals for keeping it clean. Can make calendar events and give interviews and promote/demote as needed. Most officers are IC, but also have OOC responsibilities to the guild.

Liaisons: Officer alts, both IC and OOC. A few less bank permissions. Same repair/withdraw bonuses, and all other permissions. Authenticator required.

Veterans: Active, long-term, trusted members. They have the same daily allowance as officers for repairs (partially b/c many of them also raid actively). They can view & deposit into the Vault alongside their withdrawals. Can invite new members, and create/remove events from the calendar. They can assist officers in duties such as interviews if necessary. They understand guild policies and can answer questions.

Dragoon: The standard rank for active, IC members (their main character in the guild has gone through the interview process). Slightly less allowed for repairs, withdrawals from the bank, can view the Vault.

Agent: Alts, and friends who just want a no-pressure RP home. Characters may or may not be IC members of the Dragoons. Same withdrawals from the bank as Dragoons, and some allowance for repairs.

Reservist: Retired characters, inactive accounts, inactive alts, hacked accounts. This is also a probation rank for any severe rule breaking, before more drastic measures are taken. There are no permissions in this rank at all.

Recruit: “Hi! Welcome to the Guild!” Has Gchat permission, and can take a few things from each bank tab. Veterans can invite to this rank. Members will stay here roughly a month, based mainly on activity. Can last longer due to circumstances.

The rules apply to EVERYONE. No guild member is above our Regulations and Policies. Not even the Commander. Officers are expected to set a positive example by taking extra care to adhere to these rules themselves. If any officer flagrantly breaks the rules, they will be demoted.

Officers may have to attend extra meetings on occasion. This is a game, and nothing is forced, but being an officer is a form of responsibility and we do ask that our leaders make an extra effort to be active in leadership affairs. We also ask that our leaders make an extra effort to support RP events and attend as possible. If time is an issue, then we will consider demoting the officer to Veteran rank until time is available again.

Other officer responsibilities include recruitment, promotion interviews with recruits, bank cleanup/organization, monitoring our chat channels, handling player issues (including demotions), and guiding plotlines (coming up with story, connecting characters, offering suggestions, pointing out lore resources, etc).

Promotions are based upon RP participation. We have an application and interview process that starts most players at the Recruit rank and continues with reaching the Dragoon rank. Usually, we have a minimum one month wait period before the formal interview is given. This wait can be shortened or extended based upon how much the player and their character interacts with others members of the guild.

IC promotions to a higher rank is based on service, but also requires an opening to be available. As a former military unit, the Dragoons use some army ranks for field activities. A character’s IC rank is sometimes different from their guild rank. These are listed in their roster notes.

All members (barring Reservist) can see Officer Notes in the in-game Roster, so we can have people’s IC ranks and Alt-ID there. This is so players can be creative with their Guild Notes.

For alts of current Dragoons, we may “noodle incident” the interview and put them right at Agent, unless/until that character becomes their new guild main. Sitting a member in good standing at Recruit rank for an indefinite time and then doing the interview again is usually unnecessary, unless the player wants that character to have an IC interview.

Friends who want a RP-friendly home, but not be an IC member of the guild, will be made Recruits, and after the month-ish trial period, will have the opportunity to engage in an informal RP session with an officer to be promoted to Agent.

IC Demotions are a result of IC actions. If a character ignores or willfully breaks any Rules, Regulations, and/or Current orders, the consequences of those actions can lead to being demoted at least one rank. IC “removal” from the unit shifts the character to Agent rank.

OOC, we will demote to the rank of Reservist for repeatedly breaking the Guild Policies; violating the game’s TOS; or a player’s extended absence from the game.

No activity on a character/account for two months gets them bumped to Reservist to protect the bank against possible hacking. Inactive characters may be removed after 6-8 months. This can be avoided if we have forewarning of a long hiatus or character retirement; post an AFK notice on the site or send an in game letter! If you return to the game after a long hiatus, speak to an officer about being re-admitted to the guild, initially at Agent rank.