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History of the Shrouded Dawn

The Shrouded Dawn began in Duskwood through the work of Noctifer Eva.  His mother owned one of the taverns in Darkshire.  Noctifer created the Dawn in an effort to help protect his home.  Members of the guild would watch the roads and protect civilians from the beasts and monsters that roamed the area.


When the Dark Portal opened to Outlands, the purpose of the Dawn changed.  No longer did it only focus on the immediate threats to Duskwood, but now they would attempt to protect against larger threats, not just the Duskwood but all of Azeroth.


Around the time that the Dawn re-organized, they added another component to their cause.  Noctifer, along with other members, built an academy in Darkshire.  There, they would help to educate the local population in a wide range of topics: everything from gardening to martial skills.  This academy remained active until very recently, when the Dawn were forced to close the school.  Shortly after that, the building was damaged due to an explosion.


More recently the Shrouded Dawn has resumed their patrols of the main road of Duskwood. The Darkshire Acadmey has been rebuilt and new classes are offered, drawing students from Darkshire as well as other nearby areas.