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Organization of the Shrouded Dawn

The current Grand Master of the Shrouded Dawn is Commander Braghaman Larethian.  The Shrouded Dawn is divided into three groups.


Guardians - These members are tasked with the protection of Duskwood and the surrounding areas.  They will travel as needed for other missions. This was the original task of the Shrouds. They would protect Darkshire from the wilderness surrounding it as well as wayward enemies seeking to cause trouble in the shire. 


Agents - These members are tasked with reconnaissance and information gathering.  They travel widely, attempting to find out about potential threats before they arrive at Duskwood’s doors. Some agents may be stationed in specific areas or cities around Azeroth, listening to the gossip and rumors of the world. Others travel widely, attempting to uncover hidden threats on other shores and other worlds.


Professors - These member participated in the education of the locals at the academy.  The academy is lead by Headmistress Niviene Eva and offers many classes. Some teachers offer lessons on mundane topics, such as reading and mathamatics, while others may offer more advanced classes, such as herbalism. Students come from the local town as well as the nearby villages, and the professors do everything they can to make every student feel welcome.