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How Time Flies

Henii's picture

Every year on the same day Henii would drop what she is doing and make her way north. On azure wings she flew over Elwynn’s sea of green and Dun Morogh’s snow capped mountains. Over Arathi and skirting the green peaks that bordered former human territory and Wildhammer dwarf. The wild winds of Aerie Peak caught her wings and below she saw a new generation of Gryphon riders making use of the afternoon’s clear skies to train with their mounts.


It wasn’t until she reached a higher point above Aerie Peak that blue draconic form landed. In an instant blue scales turned to soft flesh and robes that shimmered in the sunlight. She took a moment to breath and mentally prepared herself for what came next.


Her hooves sound softly with each careful step along a masterwork carved stone stair. Her fingers trailed along the railing for balance as she ascended. She frowned and turned her eyes to the stonework beneath her fingers. She had been present when it was carved from the earth and put into place.


When did it become so worn with age..., she wondered to herself before continuing on.


The path curved then straightened and lead into a large clearing. The sun shone down on this memorial Henii had commissioned when the time came. Here, in Aerie Peak, where it all started with Drogar and Nicholai, and eventually grew into so much more. It was here in Aerie Peak that Henii took her first steps towards her destiny and so it’s here that she returns to honor her friends.


She strode over carefully tended stonework until she reached the monument. She looked up at the massive open book. The craftsmanship of the carving so skilled that it seemed as if each page they might turn at the slightest breeze. Beneath which sat a plaque on which was engraved the names of Meddlers who have long since passed. Even those who fought beside The Meddlers were included on the memorial for even though they wore a different banner, most became as good as family.


Henii covered her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes as she looked over the names, mentally reading each one. It seemed just like it was yesterday that they all sat by the fire inside the keep, trading stories and jokes before getting on with the weekly meeting. But in truth centuries has come and gone since then.


The names of the original Meddler group gave way to those children who took up arms in the defence of our world. Then their children after and so on. She had befriended them all because in the younger years she made a promise to her friends that as the ages passed she would watch over and guide their lineage.


While most days she was comforted that the spirit of her friends lived on in their families it was this day that she let her heart break. She leaned her head against the cool stone and wept for her friends and how dearly she missed them.