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The Road to Hell...

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Henii stood over map of Azeroth. On the parchments surface was a glowing web of energy that represented the planet’s ley lines and where they converged. She blinked her glowing blue eyes, fighting back tears, as she steeled herself for what comes next.

Olunara came to Henii once more in her dreams. The older sorceress showed Henii the terrible truths of what would happen if she didn’t accept the power being offered to her. The Legion is coming and Henii needed to be ready.


Henii had felt only a fraction of the power Olunara wielded; astonishing arcane power, pure and unimaginable, like the Eredar of old used on Argus. If Henii took the risk of learning such power she could use it to protect her family, her friends….she could save everyone.


Henii’s flicked her gaze from the map to her hand. The scars had long since healed but she could see them clear as day - the torture etched across every inch of her body inflicted in unending agony. This pain haunted her every day and she would not wish it on anyone. The Legion would do much the same if they got their way.


She gritted her teeth and looked back to the map. Olunara requested a secluded spot for her to tutor Henii and and one being close to a ley line would be perfect. Deciding on a spot, she rolled up the map and tucked it away in the pile of things she had gathered for her eventual journey.


The Family thought this offer was far, far too risky. It was, but the risks needed to be done. Olunara didn’t trust anyone else on Azeroth to help her in stopping the Legion so it fell to her once more to bear that burden. She will do what needs to be done and suffer whatever hardships might come. Even if it meant leaving her family behind.


After all, whats one life compared to so many others?