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Invasion of Fink Industries

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Red lights flashed through the halls of Fink Industries. Sirens blared as the facility shook under the bombardment from above. Cries of pain and terror echoed through the halls in between the blares of the sirens. The Legion had come calling, but they were paying dearly for every inch. From the floor, wall and ceiling, turrets popped out, firing into the hordes as they advanced. Fel energy and blood covered the halls, but eventually the turrets would run out of ammo, and the Legion would make headway. The facility was prepared for such an eventuality, and it was holding its own so far, reducing the Legion's progress to a crawl. The personnel had fallen back to the core of the facility and were making preparations for the Omega Periwinkle protocol. Brave gnomes stood at choke points, firing at the demons as they advanced, and falling back. There was no stopping this enemy, the facility would fall, it was only a matter of time.

As the gnomes retreated to the core, Finkswitch activated the lockdown protocols, and heavy Elementium deadfalls fell into place, sealing the core, buying a little more time. The doors shuddered under the assault of the demons on the other side. They had lost many brave gnomes defending the facility, but most of the personnel had managed to retreat in time. They owed a lot to Widdgit and Truthammer Industries for the message when their facility had been attacked, and subsequently fallen. Without the warning, the Omega Periwinkle protocol would not have been ready.

Finkwsitch stood among gnomes at a console, flipping levers, adjusting dials. The core was a flurry of activity, the hum of machines powering up filling the air. A resounding crash filled the air as the elementium deadfall gave way and demons clamored through. He ran to them, pulling a pistol from his belt and firing into the throng. A flurry of blades and bullets filled the air around him as demons fell. The security force joined the fray, holding the demons back in the hall, but more and more were pouring through the door.

A voice boomed through the facility, sounding oddly like Kimzee Pinchwhistle. "Omega Periwinkle Protocols Activated! Hold onta your butts, it's gonna get bumpy!" The facility shook, as a shimmering field enveloped the core of the facility. Demons threw themselves against the field, only to burn away to ash. Finkswitch and the security team dispatched the demons who had made it through, just as the facility began to rumble.

A series of explosions rocked the facility as the corridors all collapsed. Engines whirred loudly from above and the facility began to rock and ascent. As the facility rose, rock and earth fell away revealing a sleek metallic ship, bristling with point defense weapons. They began firing, blasting infernals out of the sky before they could impact the ship. From below, a door opened, and a fleet of gyrocopters flew out, engaging the Legion's air support.

As the gyrocopters held off the Legion, the ship's engines powered up and they retreated at full speed.

Finkswitch looked out the windows in the control room, demonic ichor coating the floor and walls, as they fled. This was only the beginning...

"Coms! Get me Drogar and Widggit, we need to get to work on a way to stop this..."