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The Application Instructions

First: Read the info posts on RP Crossroads, my Alynore tumblr, or on our subforum. Pretty much everything you need to know is there.

Second: We ask that applicants try to RP with us a few times before their preliminary recruitment. The best way to get our attention is to be proactive and show you really want to join. It lets us see that the character, or the player’s style, fits with ours. If you're a new roleplayer, it lets us offer advice as you get into character and the swing of WoW RP; we're here to help!

Try to come to our meetings at 7 pm server time (that's 9 EST, 8 CST, 7 MST, 6 PST) at the Argent Dawn office in Stormwind's Cathedral Square. There likely will be RP post-meeting, so speak up! Our members are often idling around Stormwind, and a lot of us use the Haven chat channel.  

Third: In the post below is our IC application template. Copy that and fill in the required fields, either in a PM to our officers on RP Haven, or in a new thread on this subforum. You may need to be approved by an admin to use your account. The application will be available IC to the officers, so try to write it IC if possible. Even if written in more of an OOC manner, the character info will still be available IC as a file.

Then: BE PATIENT! We're only Human IRL, after all. We often see apps quickly, but there is no guarantee we'll get to you immediately in game.

After a few IC interactions with the character (at social events, or via arranging RP with any members), you should approach an officer or veteran, preferably at a meeting, for IC recruitment. We will try to add you to our trial rank, Recruit, when you're ready. The officer or veteran who does so can explain what our OOC channel is, and how our IC guild channel works.

Check your in game mail, or send us a mail of your own! Use whispers to speak with officers if you can't find us IC. Make sure, when doing a /who check, to look for < The Silver Dragoons >. Lack of "the" will lead you to another guild entirely. We can always arrange RP time if you can’t make meetings or the social events.

Thanks for your interest and patience! We look forward to meeting your future Dragoons.

Current officers to try and contact in game:
Pinapple/Darlain (non-Dragoon main)
Veterans also have invite powers.
These players have various alts, but these are their main Dragoons.