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Terry's Application

General Information


((For the purposes of brevity I'm going to answer phyiscal questions as though he is not still recovering his health, as right now he's still a wee bit emaciated-looking, nearly hairless, looks like he has vitiligo, and is generally kinda sickly.))


Name: Terrence S. Ambroce

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: 6'1", bright blue eyes, shoulder-length chestnut hair, immaculately-groomed (he allows no stubble) full goatee. He bears more than a little resemblance to Leon, though his face is a bit more broad and his jaw more sharp. He feels his nose is a touch too big, but it's a fine, serviceable shnoz. Complexion is a bit on the darker side as Gilneans go, but still looks more like he's just got a nice tan all the time. If he actually did tan, he'd go golden brown like a Thanksgiving turkey.

If he were a bit taller, he'd be a mountain. He's broad-shouldered and expending a great deal of effort to keep himself in fantastic physical condition--and look that way. Yes, he's vain, but it's not completely unwarranted.

As a Worgen, his fur is a nearly-black shade of brown, his teeth are what happens if a chainsaw snorts cocaine, and he falls firmly into the "tank on legs" part of the scale. Fitting through standard human doorways is hard.




Education: Most of his "training" came from things that were done to him while he was a prisoner and project for the Forsaken, and much of that has faded away as his mind and body have healed. Prior to that, he trained with the Gilnean forces and proved himself an adept sniper. He would have been a force to be reckoned with if he hadn't been as cocky about his skills and listened to his instructors more.

Skills: Besides the long gun, Terry showed a surprising aptitude for medicinal alchemy during his brief stint with the army, but he didn't pursue it very far beyond mixing tranquilizers for darts. That would eventually turn into him mixing poisons, drugs and the like once the Forsaken twisted him up. He can do a lot of first aid without breaking a sweat still, but he doesn't know enough to comfortably administer serious field medicine.

He also has not and probably will not ever tell a living soul that he likes sewing.




Demeanor: At present he's maintaining as much of a neutral face as possible because he's terrified someone is going to shank him or arrest him for being in Stormwind. It comes across as perhaps trying a bit too hard to look the part of an elisted man--stiff, waiting to be ordered before doing anything, and trying his damnedest not to speak unless spoken to.

Once he's out of more public eyes he's willing to relax and just shoot the breeze, if people will let him without bringing up the things he's done. He rather likes Harrigan in this respect already, and he's warming up to Alynore.

Weaknesses: Terry's dealings with the Forsaken have left him in a state where he must remain on a strict medicinal regimen until the day he dies, or that day will come a whole helluva lot sooner than he'd like. Though the actual numbers are unknown,* if he misses too many doses he will rapidly deteriorate, showing all the signs of Plague infection and basically melting to sludge over several days. He nearly reached this point before the medicine was manufactured, and it scared him badly enough that he has nightmares about it now. Ever see the first Hugh Jackman X-Men movie and what happens to the kidnapped Senator?

Additionally, due to the extensive alterations made to his mind while he was a captive, he has a powerful fear of being unconscious in others' presence. He can sleep all right, but if he has to be put under for any reason, he's going to have to fight not to panic.

*((It is not [yet] IC knowledge, but the big number is five. Missing one dose is okay, but he'll be miserable and complaining of nasty acid reflux-like symptoms within six hours of missing it. Two will see him breaking a sweat at the slightest exertion. Three will drop him. Four will show tissue degradation, potentially permanent. Five will throw off his internal balances too much to come back from, and he will die by the end of a seven-day period.

As far as his IC charts are concerned, all they say is 'DON'T MISS DOSES.' In humongous red letters and probably with a follow-up note from Preston Albrecht reminding people of whatever the Azerothian equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath is.))


One Or Two Memorable Traits: Though it wound up being his undoing, Terry's loyalty to his family and those he cares about is unwavering: He landed in the mess he was in because he was trying to protect his mother, father, and little brother. Once two out of three had died, he blamed himself, and became increasingly desperate to fix it. When he later ranted that everything he'd done, he'd done for Leon, he wasn't wholly off the mark, but after the Forsaken got through with him he wasn't sane, so what he did made very little sense and was, to put it generously, counterproductive.

As he told Alynore and Harrigan, he now wants to live up to the image Leon apparently had created of him, and become something approximating a hero (he'll settle for good man).

Personality: Terry used to fancy himself something of a charmer, and because he was going after girls that were, on the whole, kind of ditzy and inexperienced, he felt it was justified. Nowadays he's still pretty sure he's a charming man, but it doesn't come out much since he's got bigger things on his mind. If he's able to calm down and put his feet up, he'll let some of it out, telling stories, trying to make people laugh, and smiling almost constantly (he has that in common with his brother). Unlike Leon, he can chat up total strangers very quickly, if he feels safe doing it these days.

He is, unfortunately, still rather racist toward the "less human" folk: gnomes, dwarves, draenei, and pretty much all of the Horde. He's not big on elves, but they're close enough for him to watch his mouth more around them. And, of course, because Pinapple Peppercog is both a superior officer and the fiancee of his brother, he's trying to keep his comments to himself as much as physically possible. Keeping his mouth shut appears to be the key to staying alive.

Given his own situation and status as "possibly undead," he has a wierd spot of compassion and understanding toward Demon Hunters, but he doesn't feel comfortable mentioning it to anyone and probably never will.




Personal History: Ohhh boy. Terry was the eldest son of a ranching family in the Gilnean Headlands, and had approximately zero interest in taking over the place once his father passed. He thought the wall was a stupid idea as soon as he was old enough to learn about it, and if he'd been able to, he would certainly have run off to join the rebellion. He had very little faith in his king, and as such, when the Forsaken invaded and evacuation was the name of the game, he didn't for one second believe everyone would be safe in Duskhaven.

His father, on the other hand, trusted that they'd eventually be able to go back home if they just waited long enough. Tensions in the temporary Ambroce household got worse and worse; Terry tried to convince his mom and brother to run for Stormwind with him, but neither of them would leave unless everyone left...and dad wouldn't leave. Terry eventually got desperate enough to drug his brother and get him out of town, hoping to tell his parents that he'd already sent Leon ahead and convince them to finally get moving. Unfortunately, the man he'd assigned to keep an eye on Leon did not know Leon was a worgen, panicked, shot him, went to tell Terry, and his parents arrived in the middle of the conversation.

His father snapped and, revealing that he himself had also been Cursed, tried to kill Terry. Then the Cataclysm...well, happened, and Terry and Leon survived by sheer (bad) luck. Leon nearly fell victim to some truly heinous gangrene from his bullet wound several times, and Terry enlisted in hopes of taking back his home (or, in his darker moments, in hopes of having a shot at Greymane). He grew increasingly worried and, because he was constantly on the verge of being the last member of his family alive, he grew desperate. Eventually, he crossed a line, and snuck off to strike a deal with the Forsaken.

It ended about as well as anybody expected it would, including Leon, who tried to warn him it would all go wrong. They parted ways after an ugly argument, and as soon as Leon was gone, Terry was taken back to Gilneas as a prisoner of the Forsaken instead of what he'd been promised. He wouldn't see untainted daylight for several years, and by then, he'd died, been brought back under experimental means, and sent off to see what kind of damage he might do.

Firie, Kaewynn, Pinapple, Neun, Rhiswyn, and Leon gave pretty good accounts of that damage later on.

Reason for Joining: Given long enough to think while recuperating from everything the Forsaken had done to him, Terry realized the magnitude of all the things he'd done and, through Vember, found out what Leon had believed he'd been up to during their estrangement. After the demon invasions reached Hearthglen and he managed to kill one with a bedpan in spite of how weak he was, Terry decided that if he was going to die anyway, he wanted to be doing something useful till then.

He wasn't actually expecting an offer to stall his trial if he was able to find anybody who would take him. It didn't matter, though; in his weakened state and with his long rap sheet, no military recruiter would spare him two minutes to make a case. Then, his caretaker found out about a request for leniency signed by one Maj. Pinapple Peppercog. Terry was sort of shocked who it came from, and he had doubts about even walking into their offices alive, but he'd heard too many stories about them to not give it a try.

The Dragoons are, quite literally, Terry's last chance.


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