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Going Out To Help

(From Curlaina's Blog)


They were right, Curlaina thought to herself as she packed her small kit. Llane and Jia had warned her to not go to Westfall alone, and there was little doubt that Timory and Rhiswyn would have suggested the same. And there was a little voice in the back of her head that was recommended that she heed those thoughts, but it was another voice that was driving her now.


Curlaina thought about all the people who have been coming to Stormwind, either passing through on the way to do battle with the Legion’s forces elsewhere, or on the way back to seek medical attention having survived the battle. The clinic had definitely seen an uptick in patients over the last couple of weeks. And as more people passed through Stormwind, coming or going, the more guilty she felt for staying behind within the walls of the city.


The priestess had tried adventuring once before. But she soon found that she had not been prepared for the expectations of life in the field. Eventually, she left and returned home. Now she cared for people in need. But now that voice in her mind was questioning her choice. Packing salves and bandages, potions and ointments, she stuffed her medical kit with as much as she could. Then, donning her robes and taking her staff, she slipped out of the clinic early in the morning hours, before the doors would open to patients. Curlaina quickly made her way to the stables to rent a horse, and sooner than she expected she was heading out of the main gates of the city and following the roads to Westfall.


Finally making it to the bridge that separated Elwynn Forest and Westfall, Curlaina paused and started asking herself if this was a good idea. Deciding that she had already come this far and that she should see it through, the priestess gently nudged her colt and started across the bridge.


In the distance, she could make out the columns of smoke rising up into the air. Not too far into the shire, she managed to find an aid station that had been set up to help those who were fighting. Riding through the wicket, Curlaina slid off her horse and introduced herself to one of the men working there, much to his surprise. The priestess insisted that she was there to help, so the man put her to work. Soon she was bandaging the minor wounds and relying on her knowledge and gifts for the more difficult injuries.


“Crazy as you are for being here, ma’am, its a darn good thing you showed up when you did,” one of the medics said when there was a brief pause.


It was just past midday when the fighting started to move closer to their station. The medic in charge warned everyone to be ready to flee at the first sign of trouble, advice that most there didn’t need. Curlaina took a moment and looked in the sky to see the fight raging high above her. There was an explosion, fire flashing through the sky, and she could see something falling. As it got closer, she could make out first a dragon and then its rider as the plummeted to the ground. Her eyes grew wider as the pair made no attempt to stop their descent. With a loud thud, they landed several meters away from the station.


Ignoring the calls of the head medic, Curlaina grabbed her medical kit and ran past the wooden fencing. Keeping her head low, she moved in the direction where she’d seen the rider and his dragon falling. Soon, she found where they landed. She ran to the human first, seeing that the dragon lay on its side close by. As she knelt next to the man, she immediately knew the result. His head was turned at an angle that was not normal for the human body. Tentatively she reached and touched his neck, but found no pulse. Curlaina paused, looking at the body of the poor soul whom she could do nothing for, and unbidden visions came to mind of Father Linder as he sat in his chair, beyond her abilities as well. The priestess could feel tears starting to run down her cheek when she heard a huffing sound behind her.


Quickly swiping the back of her sleeve over her eyes, she turned to see the dragon looking at her. It was a large red beast with huge eyes that watched her every move. The dragon had moved off its side and was sitting on its four paws. Its left wing stuck out at an odd angle, looking as if the bone that held it was broken.


“Its okay,” Curlaina said in what she hoped was a reassuring voice. “I’m here to help.” She held her hands out in front of her and cautiously moved towards the dragon. The beast let out another snort, but otherwise did not move. Getting within arms length, Curlaina placed her hand gently on the dragon’s wing arm. The dragon growled, but still did not move.


“Its okay,” Curlaina offered calmly as she ran her hand down the length of the dragon’s wing. “It looks like its a break. I can help. Just stay calm. Please don’t eat me,” she added as a hurried afterthought. Feeling the break, Curlaina closed her eyes and started to call on the Light. A glow surround her hands, growing brighter and brighter. Finally, the light began to pulse and flow into the dragon’s wing. It took about a minute for the glow to eventually dissipate, but when it did Curlaina opened her eyes and slowly stepped back.  “How does that feel?”


The dragon twisted his head and looked at his wing, testing it by lifting the wing up and down before tucking it back to his side. The dragon then turned to look at the priestess, tilting his head sideways slightly as he watched. 


Out of nowhere, a roar brought the two back to reality. Curlaina turned to see a felguard rushing towards her, axe held high above its head. The priestess stumbled back and called on the Light again, sending a volley of golden bolts into the demon. The felguard stumbled back before letting out a roar and stalking forward again. Curlaina continued to step backwards until she accidentally caught the hem of her robes with her heel and sat down hard on the ground. As the felguard surged forward, she attacked again, sending more slashes of light across the demon. While it did hurt the monster, it did little to stop it. Before Curlaina could conjure another attack, the great red dragon roared and stood up to its full height. The dragon’s head snapped around and bit down on the felguard across its waist. Then the dragon reared up and began to violently shaking its head back and forth until there was a snapping sound. The dragon opened its jaws and dropped the broken demon to the ground.


Curlaina looked at the scene with wide eyes. Standing slowly, she stepped over to the dragon and patted it on the shoulder. “Thank you,” she whisper. Looking around at the battle field, she reached down and pulled up the hem of her dress. “I’d better get back. Please be safe,” she said to the dragon, which was just watching her at this point.


The priestess made her way back to the aid station just in time for the medic to tell her that they were leaving. The area had become part of the battle zone, so they were moving some place safer. “Its lucky you came back in time,” he added. Curlaina nodded as her colt was brought to her and she was handed the reins. Climbing onto the saddle, Curlaina looked around one last time.


“I think I need to get back to the capital,” she said to the head medic. “I’m sorry I couldn’t do more.”


“You did more than enough,” the medic answered, climbing onto his own horse. “Stay safe and ride quickly.”


“I will,” Curlaina replied. Nudging the sides of her mount with her heels, the colt moved past the wicket and took off down the road. Every now and then, she would hear some demon roar behind her, but she refused to look back, instead urging her colt to go faster. The demons never continued their challenges. And for the entire ride back home, the priestess couldn’t shake the feeling of something watching her. Once she was safely in the forests in Elwynn, she hazarded a glance behind her, but saw nothing. If only she had looked up, she might have noticed the outline of something red that was gliding over top the trees.