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Short Character introductions

As an indulgence ,I thought to make a brief list and description of the characters I will play in Legion , for RP and all content :


RP Character briefing.  Shadow Council Player since 2005


To date 5 Alliance Level 100 Characters in order of playable relevance plans for Legion


Geddian Strombroeller, Human Fire Mage Tailor /Enchanter Chaotic Good.  

Character created for 5-man focus guild prior to Burning Crusade. Set up as head of "Pentangle” a nefarious secret organization.  Mainly a front for surreptitious war profiteering and finagling of resources.  Geddian a mastermind for what would have been a hidden mercenary group had it succeeded.   He is calculating and a bit of a scoundrel in that he would swindle people on his own side if it meant to do so would enhance him and his organization, but not so unfeeling as to wish the death of his faction.  Doesn't care much for the Horde in general.  He can be charming.  In current times he is looking to possible influence others to his own ends and has become a bit aloof regarding future goals.

Name is derived from Ged of the Earthsea Trilogy as inspiration to a mage. Though Geddian has a hard G.


Derkhan Rosenn , Human Holy Pally    Inscription/Skinner Lawful Good

Derkhan has a long history as a Paladin protector for the Alliance and Azeroth. Originally a member of the Knights Hospitallers, He also worked with the Emerald Vanguard, Circle of Solaris, finally siding with Order of the Nightsabre. He is dowdy, not particularly humorous and cannot fathom women as shown by failed romantic endeavors.  Faithful as a friend and always working for the LIGHT but not in a fanatic way.  There are a few stories regarding is exploits in RP Haven website.  

Name is derived from China Mieville's fantasy "Perdido Street Station” Derkhan is a female journalist in the book. I thought the name sounded masculine and Rosenn from "Rosebud" because of his backstory similar to the beginning of "Citizen Kane" as in his parents sent him away at a young age.


Aveece Nightgazer Night Elf Holy Priest Alchemy Herbalism Lawful Good

Aveece a very old Night Elf and disciple of Elune. .  She has a deep hatred for the Horde.  As a healer and consultant for "The Divine Conspiracy” she played a role as a nun type character and active healer. Favorite RP line from Warlords, " You mean there are TWO HORDES! .... TWO HORDES!!"

Name is derived from China Melville’s amazing book "Embassy City” Spelled "Avice" in the book she is an interpreter and central character.


Derwyddon Veridaan, Balance Druid Alchemy /Herbalism Lawful Good

My oldest character on Shadow Council.   A very mysterious demeanor and follower of the natural world.  Derwyddon's story "Moonflower" was the discovery of a tincture which allowed him to communicate with what turned out to be the Naaru (I wrote the story BEFORE Burning Crusade and it magically fit when the Naaru were revealed) He was guild leader for “Defenders of the Moon" with several loyal companions.  Classic Druid character.

Name is derived from "The once and future king" by EB White, Welsh ,as Merlin’s true name. The last name “Veridaan” is nonsense and not a very good Night Elf name, but I did not know what I was doing back then regarding lore.


Corwi, Draenai Marksman Hunter   Leatherworker/Skinner

No RP Development Name is derived from China Mieville's "The city and the city"