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End of the Story

It was hard to fight her logic, that there was no point in running. The world had one shot against the Legion, and that shot had failed. Calling the retreat had been the right call, she couldn’t damn her friends, the people she was counting on, to a horrible death after such a massive defeat, but… she knew they, and everyone, were delaying the inevitable, if they could even get to the rendezvous point on the beach. Oddly enough, the demonic forces that had been lapping at their heels before had paused for a regroup…. It would buy the dragoons the time they needed for an escape… but she had to wonder why, surely they knew about the mages at the forward camp, the Dragoons were hardly the only division there, after all.

As they crested the craggy rise, she looked around, seeing other soldiers fleeing with the Kirin Tor portalmasters, scanning the beach to see Lai Ning, nervously preparing and holding a portal back to Stormwind. The fastest of the dragoons already making it to her side, pausing to gather the bulk of the group before entering through. Pin paused… something felt wrong, her eyes darted across the beachfront and her heart sank. Tearing around the cliffsides, a massive Doomguard, its mighty wings beating furiously descended upon the beach. It swung its sword, catching a portalmaster and a group of terrified soldiers and flinging them across the beach, many of them in pieces.

The demon shrugged off the arrows and gunshots of the defenders, and what dragoons were still waiting by Lai were readying themselves for a fight they wouldn’t win. The Doomguard was quite methodical, targeting the mages to cut off the retreat and scattering the soldiers to flee away from the beach. Pin looked behind her, the line of demons now readied and marching up the path, a pincer attack, likely they’d capture as many as possible. Pin scans the environment, and pulls away towards one of the Legion fel machines, the canon head already belching the green, sulfur scented pitch. She wasted no time hopping into the console seat, taking the handles and aiming.

She only had one shot, and with the demon barreling down no more than fifty feet from the terrified-looking Lai, she took it. The Fiery shell streaked across the beach, and the demon had just enough time to move his head to see it, before it was removed from its body. The corpse fell to the ground with a massive crash, by whatever providence barely avoiding a portal master, many of the terrified soldiers scrambling back to dive through. Many looked over at her, offering a cheer, Pin actually smiled a bit as she stepped out of the machine, before the hopeful looks from the soldiers and her fellow dragoons turned to dread, and she felt a horrible, white hot pain grip her torso as she was lifted up by a powerful force. Her legs dangled limply as she was raised into the air, and as she looked down, she saw why, the thick demonic blade was jutting through her chest, the demon wielding it lifting the impaled gnome high.  With a horrifying scream, she felt her body fly through the air, coming to a rest at the bottom of the hill, just where the sand line began. The intense pain gave way to a feeling of exhaustion, her body felt heavy. She looked down the beach, mostly clear now, she saw the commander yelling at the dragoons still there, after which they reluctantly stepped through the portal, she paused a moment to look up at the demons, her fist clenched, trembling, before she stepped through.

The last thing she thought of as her body went limp and her energy left her, was Leon, his smiling, handsome face.

And then, there was nothing.