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[Nythriia] Origins, Some Backstory

Just some backstory I've been writing for my Dher Nythriia because I found it interesting to put down on paper instead of just mulling over it in my head. Current three parts I have written so far.


Part 1- Arrival

Ten Thousand Years Ago

Zin-Azshari the jewel of the Night Elven Empire, no other city was as great as Azshari was. A great part of its greatness lay in it being the seat of beloved Queen Azshara. Her beauty and grace were enough to make anyone stare longingly upon her. Not many had such an opportunity for the Queen resided within her magnificent palace most of the time.

This made the young Nythriia Nightscribe a fortunate Highborne, for she regularly worked within the palace as part of her duties. She didn’t have the status of other Highborne such as Xavius who could actually speak to the Queen when they chose to, but she got to see glimpses of Azshara’s radiant light. Such as the sight she had now as Azshara spoke to Xavius to far away for her to hear the words.

“Nythriia!” The sudden voice pulled the young quel’dorei from her daydreaming, quirking her head to look towards the voice that had called her name. Quickly spotting the tall male elf in blue robes green hair tied up in a knot, she promptly made her way over to him head bowed.

“Yes Master Seldraen?” She murmured quietly.

“You wanted to be a part of bigger magical works and yet your wasting time daydreaming!” His voice was stern as the older mage reprimanded his student, “You have a great amount of natural skill but you lack the focus, you are too easily distracted. Such a slip up could prove disastrous.”

She nodded continuing to keep her gaze low, “My apologies Master Seldraen, it will not happen during the spellwork!”

“See that it doesn’t Apprentice, I’ve already spoken highly of your skill to Xavius, do not embarrass me.”

Nythriia looked up a glint of excitement in her silver eyes, “Ofcourse not! I’ve studied what the spellwork entails, it worries me, I do not….” She trailed off bowing her head again, “My apologies Master, I do not seek to question Xavius’s wisdom in this matter.”

“Good, keep that mentality and no outbursts my Apprentice follow Master Xavius’s lead and stay intune with the others.”

She nodded with another bow before Seldraen walked entered the chamber, Nythriia quickly followed behind her robes shuffling as she walked keeping her head low to avoid any unfortunate incidents. She only briefly looked around noting that Xavius had brought many other highborne here for this spell as well.

After they had all assembled in a circular formation Xavius called out to them announcing how on this day the Highborne would achieve their greatest achievement to date in honor of Queen Azshara. The Queen stood behind Xavius watching with clear anticipation of the event. Xavius wasted no time beginning the spell after he finished.

Weaving tendrils of magic together as he drew power from the Well of Eternity itself the threads grew longer and more complex. As they began to thrum chaotically the Sorcerer signaled the rest of the Highborne who Nythriia included began to weave their own threads of arcane power. Helping to stabilize the spell Xavius was casting and lending even more power to it.

The thrum of power made Nythriia’s heart beat faster in excitement as it surged through her body, she was only a minor part in the grand scheme but still contributing to this moment here and now it made her feel as if she was truly a Master Sorceress herself.

The spell’s power continued to grow before it coalesced in the middle of the room the orb of energy pulsed and swell before it took shape ripping a hole through time and space itself as the Portal opened in all its glory a testament to the skill of the Highborne. The blue arcane energy of the portal shifted only a few moments later becoming a sickly green color and casting the hue upon the room.

Rather suddenly Nythriia felt only what she could describe as, a presence, in the chamber. Her gaze shifted to Xavius and Azshara who seemed to be speaking to someone both looking even more excited. Nythriia only felt like the presence was growing stronger as the longer the portal remained open, the weight of it nearly strangling her.

Fear began to creep into her, growing more and more unsettled before the portal flashed and a Gargantuan being stepped out, walking upon four legs a large reptilian tail dragging behind it. An upper body situated atop those four pillars of locomotion with to long arms gripping a massive spear and a head with a gaping fiery maw that grinned sadistically upon everything the thing looked at.

The mere sight of this creature nearly caused Nythriia’s legs to shake, she wanted to run, flee, and hide. She couldn’t however, she had to help keep the portal stabilized..and what would her Queen think of her if she saw her run away? Maybe this creature only…looked terrible it was from another world after all. Even that weak rationalization gave Nythriia little comfort.

“Welcome to Azeroth, Mannoroth.”

The chuckling guffaw the creature responded with nearly made Nythriia’s heart stop from terror.




Part Two- Worry

Days Later

Nythriia entered her bed chamber quickly closing the door behind herself. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she leaned against the wooden door. She finally drew in a long breath before she pushed a way from the door and stepped towards her bed to sit on the edge of it. Nythriia leaned forward placing her head in her hands shaking lightly.

This wasn’t right, it couldn’t be right but how could the Queen of made such a terrible mistake? Ever since that massive demon had come through the portal, things had grown worse instead of better. Despite Azshara’s claims to the Highborne that the Burning Legion was going to help them build a new more perfect world. Nythriia had looked out from the balconies of the palace however and seen the smoke rising within the city and on the horizon. Fire burning the screams of her kin echoed faintly, silence by a sadistic chuckle as a demon killed them. They may not have been highborne but they were still Kaldorie, her kin, it wasn’t right to slaughter them like animals.

Things inside the palace were slowly changing as well. First Xavius had appeared one day and was…different, he’d been turned into a demon a monster like those coming from the portal. He was some nightmarish half elf, half goat creature now that walked on two legs. Since then more and more highborne had become these….Satyrs, people she’d known even been friends with had been twisted. None were the same, always wearing a sadistic grin and taking delight in the carnage that was happening across elven lands.

She didn’t know what to do, what she could do. Her duties still had her taking shifts with other highborne and these, Satyrs to keep the Legion portal stabilized. They’d catch her if she tried to run, the elven guard’s demeanor had changed as if afflicted by the Legion’s fel magics. Not to mention those, Felguard stood alongside the elven guards now.

They’d kill her before she could do any meaningful sabotage to the portal if she even could do any damage to it.

So far she’d managed to continue doing her shifts which felt like that lasted an eternity all the while suppressing her fear, her panic and remaining as emotionless as she could. But, how long could it last, how long until she tripped up and it was discovered she was not as giddy about this world wide apocalypse as everyone else seemed to be?

A sudden loud knock on the door made her jump, taking several breaths Nythriia composed herself and smoothed out her robes before she went over and opened the door. The sight that she saw made her shake briefly before she managed to catch herself and remain steady hoping it hadn’t been noticed.

Master Seldraen stood infront of her, only he was no longer the elven man she’d known. No he was a Satyr now those piercing eyes looking down at her as he grinned toothily.

“Yes, Master Seldraen?” She asked forcing her voice to remain calm.

“Apprentice, are you feeling unwell? You scurried out of the portal room in a hurry,” He stated, before his transformation such words would have brought comfort. Now they seemed to carry an underlying mocking tone to them.

“No, I am fine I..I just needed a change in scenery is all. Being in that chamber for so long can get a tad stifling…with all the movement and forces coming out of the portal.” Her voice wavered somewhat but she managed to keep it mostly steady.

Seldraen studied her a moment as one monstrous hand stroked his small beard, “I see, perhaps I know how to uplift your spirits. Come to my study in two hours, there we can discuss something of importance and if you prove worthy you’ll receive the Legion’s gift.”

With that he turned and left, upon his leaving Nythriia’s legs began to shake her mind running around at a panicked pace as she tried to figure out what he had in mind. She only knew one thing was certain, the Legion’s gift meant she’d become one of those…things, an abomination in the eyes of Elune.

She had to figure out how to get out of here.




Part 3 - Choices

Several Hours Later

Nythriia fidgeted with her hands a moment as she stood in front of the door that led to Seldraen personal chambers. Drawing in a breath and centering herself before she pushed the door open, taking the time to close it behind her despite how uneasy it made her feel.

“You’re here on time my apprentice, good,” Came that mocking twisted voice of her Master, the Satyr grinned toothily, “If you do well today then great things are in your future my student.”

Another sound caught Nythriia’s attention as she turned to face Seldraen, it sounded like, whimpering. She shifted her gaze to the center of the room and stifled a gasp. Three Kaldorie lay bound within an arcane field, a father, mother and child from the looks of it. Their clothes were ragged and unwashed, no doubt they’d been hiding from the legion in the city for days on end.

“What is going on?” She asked while taking in a few breaths her gaze moving from the Kaldorie family to Seldraen.

“A lesson my dear Apprentice, you’ve been such a quick study of Arcane Magic that it’s time to see if you can handle something more potent…Fel Magic,” He put simply even as the satyr walked round the arcane field.

“What…does it have to do with them?” She asked gesturing towards the bound elves while trying her best to look disinterested in them as she was starting to have a good idea of what this entailed.

“Fel Magic deals in life Nythriia. It is fueled by it, which is why nothing can stand against it because it just brings more fuel to pyre.” Seldraen droned on as if this was a basic magical lecture as the tall Satyr moved behind Nythriia causing her eyes to flick to the side briefly as if to keep an eye on him. “Now reach out as you would to manipulate a thread of arcane magic, but look for that pulse of life instead. Feel it beating, feel the energy contained within.”

She bit her lower lip briefly raising her arm and reach out as instructed. At first she could only feel the arcane energy of the Well filling the room, saturating it to the brink with its power. But she focused and looked past that before she could feel the beating threads.

“Good, now grasp hold of them and pull them towards you.”

Nythriia grasp the tendrils of life that pulse and flowed from the Kaldorie, instead of pulling those threads towards her she hesitated. If she did as she was instructed she’d be pulling the very life out of them. She’d be killing her own kin, just like the Legion was doing.

“Do not worry child, draw the threads in and you will prove yourself, unlike these unclean waste of flesh that thought they were our equals.”

She knew if she didn’t do as she was told that Seldraen would probably kill her, but if she did do it...she’d be killing her own kin and probably be turned into a monster like Seldraen. She could feel his eyes piercing into her from behind studying her every motion.

The young kaldorie drew in a breath before gazing sadly at the family, but just as she started to tug on the threads a blow from behind knocked her to the ground. A snarl came from Seldraen as he glared down at her, “I should have seen this earlier. Scurrying off so quickly after completing your duties, always locking yourself away in your quarters while the Legion helps reshape our world. You’re another weakling like them.”

“Wait..Master, no I was going-“ She started to plead only to get cut off as Seldraen hit her with a sudden blast of shadow magic that left her convulsing in pain.

“Enough you mewling weakling, you’ve disappointed me. I thought my favored student would be more decisive!” Seldraen growled before reaching his monstrous arm out at her, as he closed his fist she felt a sudden pain in her heart as if that hand had reached right into her body to grip her beating heart.

She managed to draw in a panicked breath before throwing up her hands raising a barrier. The sensation around her heart vanished but her relief was only momentarily as Seldraen lashed out with both clawed hands. Slamming her barrier with shadow energy repeatedly, cracks beginning to form in the shimmering field.

“Quick reflexes Nythriia, but it won’t help nothing can stand against the Fel,” He intoned before drawing one hand back green flame began to swirl around it. With a cackling laugh he threw the Chaos Bolt which shattered the barrier and flung Nythriia back even more sending a wave of weakness through her entire form.

“And that concludes your lessons Nythriia, permanently,” The Satyr laughed mockingly.

Her vision was blurry, and her mind was a racing storm of panic and fear. She had to do something, anything before his next move finished her off. When it hit her, the Fel, she just had to find the right tendrils and quick.

Once again she felt that pulse of life, this time there was no hesitating her fear driving her forward as she grabbed the threads and yanked on them as hard as she could not wanting to give Seldraen time to react. The Satyr felt the grasp on his heart but had not time as he convulsed and shrieked in a chorus of pain as green tendrils were ripped from his body and drawn to Nythriia. The young highborne pulled harder and faster the screaming only intensifying as she sucked in the life of her former master not stopping until the wailing stopped entirely.

When it did Nythriia found herself feeling power, invigorated a sensation that she could take on the world and win filled her. Causing a brief grin to appear on her face as she rose realizing she’d just bested her Master and was going to live. Getting out of the Palace safely seemed like such a simple thing to do with this new found power. It took her a moment to remember the family which had gone quiet, realizing she could save them as well.

“Alright, just stay calm and I’ll undo the Barrier,” She stated already dispelling the field before her eyes widened in shock. The family had gone quiet not out of fear, they were dead. Their forms withered husks on the ground. Nythriia simply stared at their dessicated remains before collapsing onto her knees, “No…No No…”

In her panic she had not just grabbed Seldraen’s threads of life, she’d grasped theirs as well and sucked them dry of their essence. Tears welled up in her eyes as the sight knocked the euphoric feeling of power right out of her.

“What…what have I done?” She dropped her head down arms against the ground sobbing, “Elune…please forgive me!”

The young highborne continue to grieve, tears wetting the floor. Her sadness was interrupted as she heard a muffled disturbance followed by a bellowing cry.

“Someone has freed Tyrande! FIND THEM!”

Nythriia looked back towards the remains of the family shaking her head sadly as she rose to her feet. Knowing that if she wanted to be gone from this terrible place this might be her only chance while the Guards were distracted.

“I’m…sorry,” Her voice was nearly mute as she turned and fled from the room.




Hours Later

Nythriia stood at the forest’s edge gazing down at the ground, three piles of rocks stood arranged like graves. Even though there were no bodies in the ground, she still felt like she had to do something.

“It doesn’t fix anything…I should of just let him kill me,” She muttered even knowing that the family still would have been doomed had she just laid down and died, “If…I hadn’t been such a coward…if I’d tried to have left earlier...maybe Seldraen’s cronies wouldn’t have gone looking for them as part of my….lesson.”

She closed her eyes looking down at the ground as a tear rolled down her cheek, “Mother Moon, watch over their spirits, please let them have the peaceful rest they deserve.”

She drew in a sad breath opening her eyes and moving forward into the forest. Her motions slow and clumsy as her mind continued to dwell on events.