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State of the Raid: LEGION

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Hi there everyone, friendly neighborhood raid overlord here, with information on Meddler raids!

First thing, we're looking at starting raids on the weekend of October 1st! The Emerald Nightmare, and that jerk Xavius await the tender mercy of our incredible artifacts. I bet you'd like to come and help dispense some of that tender mercy! Well, if you want to help, here's what we're looking for:

1: An average ilvl of at -least- 825. More is definitely better, and a bunch of folks are in the 830-840 range. World quests are a fantastic source of gear, so be sure to check those out! Warforging happens and it is lovely.

2: Completion of your order hall chain and unlocking of your artifact's third relic slot. A lot of your character's power is in their artifact, and that third relic slot is worth a -lot- of power, both in item level and in bonus traits.  Get on that campaign!

Everyone from the channel will be welcome to join us. We normally run with two tanks, and then a sliding scale of healers to dps (2-3 healers for 10, +1 healer for every 4-5 dps added). This means one thing...


No matter what size our raid, there are only ever going to be two tanks. This means if you want to tank, you might not get too! Things we are looking for in raid tanks include:

1: Attendance. Being able to attend a high percentage of our raids to master the tank swaps and positioning the raid relies on.

2: Teamwork. Being able to work well with your co-tank to properly handle the boss mechanics.

3: Gear. Same as the requirements above, but waaay more noticeable if you're behind, as you might just go squish.

If you want to tank, post here! Also post here if you have any questions or comments, and I will see YOU on October 1st for our first trip into the Emerald Nightmare!