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Emerald Nightmare Raid, Saturday October 1st, 6:30 PM MDT

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And we're off folks! Remember, we're looking for a -minimum- item level of 825, with your order hall campaign complete and the third relic slot of your artifact unlocked to join us against the terrors of the Nightmare. After signing up, please post what character you want to bring, and what role they can fill!


Faedros, Vengeance Demon Hunter

Alynore, Protection Paladin


Darlain, Holy Priest

Rhianon, Restoration Shaman

Braghaman, Holy Paladin

Firie, Holy Paladin


Dolraan, Retribution Paladin

Henii, Fire Mage

Finkswitch, Outlaw Rogue

Jialian, Outlaw Rogue

Ivinara, Fury Warrior

Kohler, Arms Warrior

Cambor, Feral Druid

Rastila, Frost Death Knight

Geddian, Fire Mage