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Weekend Hellfire Citadel, March 12/13 2016 6:30 PM MST/MDT

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Unfortunately I won't be available on Saturday; covering a co-worker for the evening shift, so I wish you all good luck!

Also take note that this Sunday is Daylight Savings Day! Our clocks are going forward one hour in the wee hours of Sunday morning, so if you're outside North America, make sure you know what time it is!


Arriving to members of Stormwind high-society as well as all members of The Shrouded Dawn, The Meddlers, The Silver Dragoons, and The Ravenholdt League.   


((The OOC info:  Neun and Shad’s wedding is just around the corner!  The ceremony will take place at the gazebo located behind Stormwind Cathedral and begin shortly after 7pm server time (9pm EST).     

(DB-901) Investigation

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The great clock tower of Stormwind slowly counted the minutes towards eleven at night as the city below slowed to a crawl. Shops had long since shuttered, guards shuffled along their lantern-lit patrols, and what noise there was came from the still lit taverns and bars. All about the city was a peculiar sight on this evening, mechanical squirrels flitting about rooftops and trees, barely distinguishable from the real thing in the gloom, save for that the real squirrels were all safe in their burrows and trees for the night. All across the city they roamed, all acting by the dictates of one mind. Situated among the crenelations of the clock tower, that mind received the radio-transmitted data from the dozens of mechanical eyes.

Auntie Lu

The small ball of floof looked at Lu from the bundle of blankets she shivered in. The high temple grounds were cold in the winter winds. The black and white face, soft, light sky blue eyes looked out at her, puzzled at first, then the smile broke out and Lu found herself even more confused. 


"You're the fire lady!" the little Pandaren said in a chirpy voice. A coughing fit caught her out. Luxirti looked at the woman holding the little bundle. Still not following.


[Anatevka] Forbidden Knowledge

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I could barely stand the smell of roasting Draenei flesh, but I hardened myself and threw another torch on the pile of defiled corpses. Stepping back, I looked up at the fel-tainted Temple of Sha’naar. I remembered when this holy ground was a place of refuge and beauty. Now, green flames of fel-fire rose from its braziers and demons stalked its halls, servants to those who I had once considered kin. After so many years, so much fighting, how could our people have been reduced to this? I’d expect brutish savagery from orcs or even Azerothians with their penchant for in-fighting, yet I had always felt that, ultimately, our kind was above such things. We had disagreements, of course; what people doesn’t? I had believed, wrongly I suppose, that the years of running from the Legion had united us unshakably.